Splashtop remote access solutions provide a fast and secure way to remote into a computer from anywhere, and from any computer or mobile device. This enables physicians, nurses, administrative employees, healthcare IT, and sales reps to both increase productivity and improve a patient’s healthcare experience.

With Splashtop Remote Access for Healthcare:

  • Healthcare professionals can access patient records, images, files within their E.H.R. system while moving from exam room to office to various departments, or from home.
  • Patients can view and update their standard patient and insurance information on an iPad remoting into the E.H.R. system, avoiding paperwork and human error.
  • Teaching hospitals can enhance learning by enabling medical students to view real time surgical procedures remotely on their iPads and simulate surgeries with 3-D graphics to “perform a procedure” virtually.
  • Biotech companies can enable lab techs to securely access their research – related apps and data from iPads while working in different labs.

Splashtop protects sensitive data with 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentication, support for HIPAA compliance and many more security features

Trusted by top healthcare institutions for their remote access and remote support needs

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Get secure cloud and on-premise remote access solutions

Remote computer access for healthcare professionals who need to work from home

Whether you, as a physician, nurse, administrative employee or healthcare sales representative need to remotely access the hospital’s or clinic’s computers from home or while travelling, Splashtop can help you securely connect and work seamlessly on-the-go.

Remote support tools for IT admins in healthcare for accessing, managing, and supporting computers and mobile devices

Whether you need to provide quick attended support to computers and mobile devices, or provide instant unattended support to computers, Splashtop can help ensure you keep all your devices up-to-date and running in top condition.


  • When a technical issue arises, especially when caring for a patient, healthcare professionals need immediate support so they can get back to work.
  • With Splashtop SOS you can:
  • Remote into any Mac, Windows, Android, iOS or Chromebook device from any computer or mobile device
  • Connect using a simple 9-digit session code, without any prior installation
  • Support an unlimited number of devices
  • Pay per concurrent technician

  • You can manage updates to computers, and control access permissions to computers in your hospital or clinic and remote into them instantly, even without an end-user present.
  • With Splashtop Remote Support you can:
  • Remote into any Mac, Windows or Linux computer from any Mac, Windows, iOS or Android computer or mobile device
  • Remote instantly using installed Splashtop Streamer
  • Get unlimited number of technicians
  • Pay per number of unattended computers
Splashtop is the top performing, highly rated remote desktop and application access solution.