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Report: Four Key Ways Splashtop Shines for Remote Workers

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Work from home has been with us for more than half a year. With each passing week we see more remote workers turning to Splashtop for a better remote access solution to help them enhance their remote work experience.

Why do remote workers switch to Splashtop? When comparing Splashtop with other remote access tools, Splashtop excels as the preferred remote access software for remote working.

In fact, in a recent sampling of first-time users, Splashtop scored high marks in areas such as:

  • Quick installation

  • Desired product features

  • Speed and performance for everyday use

  • Responsive customer support

A recent trial user had this to say, “Your product is great—much easier to use when compared to RemotePC, TeamViewer, and LogMeIn, all of which I have used or am currently using.” Another trial user offered this note of comparison, “Splashtop rates better than Microsoft 10 Remote Desktop Connect.”

Others find they are impressed with the Splashtop’s high performance remote connections. One user said, “This solution improved my connection speed greatly!” With Splashtop, you can stream 4k/5k at 40fps. You can also access your ultra-high-resolution videos, models, other files and applications on your work stations as if you are sitting right in front of it!

As far as performance for working remotely while traveling, a recent new user saw the improvement immediately once they switched to Splashtop, “I have been using Splashtop on my laptop while traveling in Portugal and Spain. No issues have arisen yet. Nice product!”

Splashtop’s customer support team is another benefit new users love.“I really appreciate your customer support teams,” said one user when asked about their thoughts on their overall Splashtop experience. Splashtop employs a US-based customer support team who are easily available to assist users whenever help is needed.

One user put it this way, “Fantastic service—thank you! This is a better service than your near rivals, and at an affordable price.”

Try Splashtop Remote Access for Working Remotely for Free

Did you know that:

  • Splashtop is trusted by 30 million business & professional users.

  • Splashtop has many productivity enhancing features, including drag-and-drop file transfer, remote print, chat, remote wake, session recording, and more.

  • Splashtop works cross-platform, meaning you can access your Windows, Mac, and Linux computers from any other Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Chrome OS device.

Splashtop has been deployed by individuals, small teams, and entire organizations to enable remote working. Get started now with a free trial to see it for yourself.

Or learn more about Splashtop remote access for remote working.

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