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Surviving Tax Season 2020

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Are you Ready for Tax Season 2020?

We wish we could say it’s the wonderful season of the year, but we both know it isn’t.

For thousands of accountants, at least about 664,532 of them, Tax season is a 3½ month period when they spend considerably more time with co-workers than they do with their families. For most accountants, hours can get to as much as 65 billable hours per week.

One accountant said:

I work 75-80 hours a week during tax season…7 days a week…”


So it comes with no surprise that accounting firms are struggling with retention, with turnover as high as 20 percent, which in the US can exceed $600 BILLION! For Independent accountants, burnout usually results in business failures. That’s probably why up to 20% of independent accounting practitioners fail.


With proper time management, tax season can also be a “wonderful” season of the year. Okay, maybe not wonderful, but definitely more enjoyable. Let’s explore how.

Over the past decade, the advancement of technology has enabled the development of amazing software, which allows accounting professionals to save a lot of time and, as a result, reduce the number of hours they need to work!

How do we know?

>> At Splashtop, we offer some of the best remote access solutions for accounting professionals. We have more than 20,000,000 users for a reason.

Splashtop Business Access enables accounting professionals to securely share and print files remotely.

You could argue that you can simply use the old back and forth file emailing trick to share files, but we strongly advise against it because this is not secure.

In addition to remotely sharing and printing files, Splashtop Business Access enables accounting professionals to seamlessly access their office computers from any device and from anywhere. This means you can work in a stress-free environment that is your home, reduce hours wasted traveling to clients, get work done outside of regular hours, and still be productive while on the go.

Why accountants love Splashtop?

  • Ease of use ease – A 10 year old could use it

  • Easy deployment across all devices – Yes, that includes your phone too!

  • Secure file transfer thanks to government level security encryption – This means that you and your client's data is secure at all times

  • Affordable pricing - Plans start at just $5 a month!

Join our 20+ Million Users, and start working smarter, not harder :)

Ready to buy? Learn about our subscription plans. They start at $5 a month.

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