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An IT service desk technician at their computer providing remote support to an end-user by using Splashtop
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Facilitating a Seamless On-Demand Support Workflow

By Splashtop Team
3 minute read


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With Splashtop, our model for on-demand support has been the 9-digit SOS code:

  1. The technician directs the end user to

  2. The end user downloads and runs a small app and then reads off a 9-digit numeric code to the technician.

This model has served our users well since its introduction in 2015 as the Splashtop SOS product. It’s an intuitive process for both support technicians and end users.

We’ve built on that simple, well-accepted model with various enhancements:

  • being able to remote into mobile devices and Chromebooks

  • elevating to admin privilege, custom-branding the SOS app

  • re-connecting automatically after reboot

  • self-deleting after the remote session ends

  • ...and more

These enhancements have been a lot of fun to build, and they all started out the same way – with valuable feedback from our users who patiently take the time to help us understand their needs.

Launching new on-demand support workflows

Continuing in that same vein, we’ve learned that our original on-demand support flow does not work the best for everyone.

As simple as the current model is, some technicians would like to save the end users from having to read back a code. Some end users are more comfortable with the Zoom-like process of simply clicking on an invitation link. Technicians sometimes would like to know instantly when their end users have clicked on the link. And larger support teams may prefer a more managed process for transferring sessions between technicians.

To those ends, we are excited to have built powerful alternative methods for on-demand support into the Splashtop Enterprise product:

  • Send a support link – The technician can create a support link. The end user then simply clicks on it to download and run a small app and the technician can then connect to the user device. No need for the end user to read back a code.

  • Send a short PIN code – The technician creates a 6-digit PIN code and directs end user to enter the PIN at an easy-to-type website ( Again, no need for the end user to read back a code to the technician.

  • Pre-deploy an SOS app – Put a “SOS Call” app right on end users’ desktops. Whenever they need help, end users double-click on the app, then their requests appear instantly in the technicians’ support queue.

  • All these options are tied together via the new technician console. All support sessions appear on the console. The end user's readiness status is updated in real-time on the console. Technicians can transfer support requests and invite other technicians into the session via an organized process.

The entire service desk framework with the technician console also enables automated routing of support requests to the right technician groups. In the future, a rich set of technician tools will be made available via the same console. Beyond just taking remote control, the technician will be able to troubleshoot in the background without interrupting the end user: run scripts, see and terminate processes, transfer files, etc.

Of course, the existing 9-digit SOS code model is still available in Splashtop Enterprise, for those who prefer it. We hope the additional options make Splashtop on-demand support an optimal experience for even more users. Splashtop Enterprise streamlines the technicians’ workflow, while giving them more power and making the end users’ experience even simpler. Contact us today to learn more or start a free trial.

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