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A Windows 10 laptop with Splashtop to enable remote desktop connections
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Enable Remote Desktop on Windows 10

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Projections show that the global remote desktop software market will reach $7.22 billion by 2029. Likewise, Windows 10 is still the world’s most popular operating system.

So that begs the question, what is the best remote desktop software for Windows 10 computers?

Splashtop is a remote desktop solution that enables you to remotely control a computer from anywhere using another device. It's secure, reliable, very easy to use, and performs great for those running a Windows 10 operating system.

Not sure how to set up Splashtop on your PC? We've got all the info you need about enabling remote desktop on Windows 10. Keep reading for more.

How to Enable Remote Desktop on Windows 10

It may be a bit daunting if you've not used remote desktop software before. In reality, it's very easy to set up and use. These steps will show you how to enable remote desktop on Windows.

1. Create Your Splashtop Account

You can visit the Splashtop website to create an account. It's incredibly easy to start a free trial.

All you need to do is enter some details to sign up. We won't ask you for any credit card information, so you don't need to worry about being charged anything when the trial ends.

2. Download the Splashtop Business App on Your Devices

You can use Splashtop to control a computer from various devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You'll need to download the Splashtop Business App on any device you want to remote from. It's available on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Chromebook, so you've got plenty of options.

If you’re using your Windows 10 PC to access another computer, you’ll need the Splashtop Business App installed on your Windows 10 machine.

3. Install the Splashtop Streamer on the Computers You Want to Access

You'll need to deploy the Splashtop Streamer to any computer you want to access remotely. The streamer will work on any Windows (including Windows 10), Mac, or Linux computer. There are two ways you can go about this.

The first is to use the Splashtop web console to create a deployment link. You can send this to any computer that you want to access. When you open the link on a computer, it will download the Splashtop Streamer and tie it to your account.

Alternatively, you can download the Streamer on the computers you want to access. You'll need to have a Splashtop account to do this. After downloading, just enter your login details, which will tie the computer to your account.

4. Launch a Remote Connection

With everything installed, you can launch a Windows 10 remote desktop connection any time! Open the Splashtop remote desktop app to see your list of computers. Just click on whichever computer you want to access to initiate the remote desktop connection.

What You Can Do With Splashtop

With Splashtop, you'll have the flexibility to access your computers from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and you'll be able to access files, run programs, and control all computer functions remotely.

Many other remote desktop tools are available, but Splashtop stands out as one of the best. One of the main advantages is that it's one of the most versatile options available. You can use Splashtop with several operating systems:

  • Windows (including Windows 10 and other versions)

  • macOS

  • iOS

  • Linux

  • Android

  • Chromebook

Because Splashtop works on so many devices, you won't have to worry about replacing any hardware to use it. You also won't have any issues with compatibility. You can use an Android tablet, for example, to connect to a Windows 10 computer and remotely control it.

You can access any files and use all applications on the host computer as if you were sitting in front of it. The display will be mirrored on your device, and everything happens in real time.

Through Splashtop, you can connect to a home or work computer while traveling, which is ideal if you need to get work done while on vacation. You can even access a computer from a car or a train.

Common Uses

There's a range of reasons that remote desktop users might want to opt for Splashtop. Some remote desktop tools are quite limited, but Splashtop is one of the most comprehensive options on the market. It's ideal for businesses, but also for educational and personal use.


Various companies have established remote working systems over the years. Remote work was once fairly uncommon, but the COVID-19 pandemic changed things significantly. As a result, remote work is now commonplace for almost any company that can support it.

Various solutions make remote work possible, with remote desktop software being one of the best. An office will typically have computers set up in whatever way is best for that company. With Splashtop, employees can access their work computers from anywhere and work as they would if they were in the office.

The worst of the pandemic is over, so it's now viable for people to return to work as normal. Despite that, many companies still use remote work, which proves beneficial. Splashtop makes it incredibly easy and provides a range of advantages.

It has also become common for businesses to use "headless computers." These have no input or output devices like keyboards, mice, or monitors. A worker can access the hardware remotely using Splashtop, allowing them to use all computer functions.

Splashtop is often used for IT and help desk support. Employees often have technical issues that require them to contact your IT support team to resolve. Your IT team can use Splashtop to take control of a device remotely and deal with any issues easily.


Like businesses, schools and other educational facilities had to adapt during the pandemic. As such, remote education has become a lot more common.

Distance learning is now fairly standard. Remote desktop tools like Splashtop can improve this further.

Schools typically use software and applications for education but often only have licenses to use the software on their lab computers. Students may not be able to install the software on their personal computers, but with Splashtop, they can access school computers from home or anywhere else using their own devices.


Remote desktop software is mostly used by businesses and educational facilities, but it can also be great for personal use. Anyone who travels a lot may want to access their home computer while on the road.

By using remote desktop software, you can take a mobile device with you and access your home desktop computer wherever you are. This is especially useful if you like to travel light, as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone is easy to take almost anywhere.

Why Splashtop?

There are plenty of remote desktop solutions on the market, so you might be wondering why you should use Splashtop. While other options are available, few can match how comprehensive Splashtop is. It offers a range of benefits that make it one of the best remote desktop tools available.


Cybersecurity is more important now than ever. You need to ensure you stay protected online, which is even more crucial for businesses.

Splashtop uses encryption to ensure no one can access any data transferred between your devices. Features like two-factor authentication and multi-level password security also help you stay safe. Splashtop adheres to several industry standards and regulations, such as SOC 2, HIPAA, and FERPA.


When using remote desktop software, speed is crucial. A slow connection can make things frustrating; sometimes, it may not even be usable. Splashtop maintains high speeds to provide you with a smooth experience.

You can expect seamless real-time connections. Splashtop can provide 4K streaming at 40 fps. It will feel like you're sitting in front of your computer as all interactions happen instantly.


Many remote desktop tools are quite limited, but Splashtop has various additional features that make it one of the best all-around options available. Some of the features that Splashtop offers include:

  • Drag-and-drop file transfer

  • Multi-monitor support

  • Screen recording

  • Audio transmission

  • Remote wake

  • Remote print

  • Chat

Try Splashtop for Free

If you want to use remote desktop software on a Windows 10 PC, Splashtop is one of the best options available. It's suitable for business, education, and personal use. You can expect fast speeds, secure connections, and plenty of features.

We offer a free trial, so you can give Splashtop a go before committing to one of our plans. No credit card or commitment required to start a free trial.

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Trevor Jackins Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Splashtop
Trevor Jackins
Trevor Jackins is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Splashtop. He’s also a passionate user of Splashtop’s remote access software as he uses it to remote into his office computer to work from home! Trevor’s excitement for Splashtop stems from his interest in how technology can improve our daily lives.
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