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As Omicron Rages, How Can Your Company Easily Pivot to Flexible Work?

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The world seems to be in a constant state of flux, but your company doesn’t have to be. Learn how you can pivot to flexible work with ease by adopting a next-gen remote access solution.

If your company is like so many others across nearly all industries and geographies, you have been compelled to write – and rewrite – your return-to-office plans in the COVID era.

Just recently, Apple, DocuSign, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and numerous other industry behemoths have had to admit to the perplexing evolution of COVID strains and push out their office return dates yet again. For some, this is the fourth time doing so. In response to Omicron, BlackRock and American Express have announced plans to extend hybrid work for their employees.

Many companies, including DocuSign, anticipate needing to stay flexible around return dates as COVID remains unpredictable. According to the New York Times, DocuSign has decided to give no estimated return date this time around, only stating that they will “reassess plans as 2022 unfolds.”

To top things off, Business Insider reports that “firms including Zillow, Twitter, Microsoft and Dropbox have nixed a mandatory return in favor of allowing employees to work remotely forever.” So, how can your company successfully pivot to flexible work?

Maintain Employee Productivity with Enterprise-Grade Remote Access

Just because the world around you is in flux, doesn’t mean your company has to be. In fact, by providing consistently high performance for remote workers, your company can gain standing in employees’ eyes. You can outperform other companies in terms of employee satisfaction, productivity and, ultimately, retention.

Splashtop customers are taking advantage of the impressive performance enhancements made to Splashtop products during 2021. In addition to real-time, high-speed connections and multiple concurrent sessions, creative workers (game developers, video editors, 3D designers and animators) now enjoy 4k-quality streaming at speeds up to 60 frames per second. That type of enterprise-grade reliability and scalability goes a long way toward remote worker productivity and satisfaction.

Give Your Employees an In-Person Experience from Anywhere

Ensure your remote workers have access to office computing resources wherever they work. Many remote workers are unable to access all the software applications and files they need to perform their jobs remotely. Their personal devices lack the capability to run the applications that their in-office computers can (i.e. CAD programs video editing and graphic design software). Licensing applications to run on employees’ personal devices or replicating the same in-office set up for all employees can be prohibitively expensive.

With Splashtop’s secure remote access, you can give your employees control over their office computers from any device, anywhere. This gives them ultimate device and location freedom. Splashtop delivers an in-person experience that’s so fast, simple and secure, they'll feel like they’re in front of their office computer.

Simple Remote Support for Your BYOD Flexible Work Strategy

Companies that have adopted a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy want to take a single-platform approach. One that allows users to seamlessly switch between mobile, desktop and laptop devices. Your flexible work solution should include full remote support for BYOD. If it does, your help desk gains a single pane of glass for any OS (including Linux) running on any device.

At Splashtop, we call this feature “attended support” and our customers absolutely love it. Their help desks use it to support remote workers who may be running into technical issues on both company-issued and personal devices.

Remote support operates in an elegantly simple manner in Splashtop. Simply generate a support link and send it to the end-user to download and run the SOS app. There is no longer a need for the end-user to pass the session code back. Additionally, technicians can see and work off a support queue that shows the support requests assigned to them, and their status.

Security You Can Trust

Splashtop provides robust security features to help IT professionals face their biggest challenge of the 2020s – Cybersecurity. To ensure your flexible work environment is secure, Splashtop software comes with built-in security features like, SSO (Single Sign-On), MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), device authentication and automatic infrastructure updates to stay aligned with modern security standards.

Splashtop follows a Zero Trust approach. When employees remotely access their office computer or workstation, they enter via a special Splashtop connection. That connection is not part of the corporate network. This means that they can only view and work with the data (i.e., Word documents) on their remote desktop. That data never travels outside the corporate network. IT security leaders also have the choice to enable or disable both file transfer and print functions – highly recommended tactics for ensuring regulatory compliance.

When users gain access to their office computer, data and apps, Splashtop provides additional features to limit access and optimize data security. Electronic access to data and systems is based on authority levels, need-to-know parameters and a clear separation-of-duties for people who access the system. This role-based access is supported by both access monitoring and logging.

Conclusion: Make the Switch to Flexible Work Easy with Splashtop

It’s an evolving challenge as Omicron compels executive teams to continuously change their companies’ remote and hybrid work plans. Johnny Taylor Jr., president and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management, succinctly summarized the need to stay prepared: “This isn’t going to be the last variant, and we had better, as executives, learn not to freak out every time there’s a new announcement.”

You can stay prepared for whatever comes next by using a flexible, modern remote access solution. One that provides a consistent experience – whether your employees are working in the office, at home or from any other location.

With Splashtop, all of your employees access the same physical workstation, whether they’re in-person or remote. Your company doesn’t even need to invest in additional infrastructure to enable remote work (like with VDI or DaaS). It's an ideal set up for a flexible workplace.

Pivot to Flexible Work with Ease

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