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Looking for an alternative to VPN?

Splashtop is easy to deploy, scale, and the most cost-effective remote access solution. That’s why Splashtop is the best alternative to VPN.

Splashtop - A Superior Alternative to VPN-based Remote Access Solutions
Splashtop - A Superior Alternative to VPN-based Remote Access Solutions

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VPN is likely not the best choice for your organization’s remote access needs

As working from home is becoming the new reality for many, a robust remote access solution is crucial for productivity. VPN is best suited for users who need to access the corporate network for short durations to complete specific tasks, but it is an outdated solution for today’s productivity demands.

When entire workforces stay connected via VPN all day long, there is backhauling of traffic, even for tasks that don’t need VPN, resulting in unreliable connections and slow performance, a user’s worst nightmare.

Spending a large amount of money and effort to set up, scale, and maintain a VPN, not to mention the headache of having to use only company-issued devices to connect to the VPN, is a lot of trouble to go through when the end result is subpar performance.

With an overloaded VPN, it is impossible to inspect network traffic effectively, so security issues arise. Even solutions like split tunneling, that were meant to help by limiting VPN traffic, open new doors to security risks.

Thankfully, there is a simple solution. Splashtop is the best VPN alternative, allowing employees to access their work stations securely, with speed and stability.

Splashtop is the modern solution for enabling remote computer access

Splashtop’s easy setup, management, and scalability ensure fast and reliable remote access sessions with effortless maintenance and a low cost. All the users have to do is install a small app on their workstations. From there, they are able to remote in instantly from any device using the Splashtop app.

A complete remote access solution without the strain on your corporate network

The corporate network is only used during remote access, resulting in less traffic and higher performance, while security and compliance features allow for worry-free remote connections. Users can securely transfer files, print remotely, and complete any other task during remote sessions, all of which are recorded and logged. Finally, Splashtop’s apps and infrastructure are updated, secured, and monitored automatically, eliminating inconvenient manual updates.

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Using Splashtop, you will get higher performance, better security, and easier scalability than VPN-based solutions for your remote access needs, at a fraction of the cost! Try Splashtop for free today, and experience the difference yourself.

Learn more about Splashtop as a VPN alternative

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