The power of Splashtop in the classroom.
Control : Annotate : Share : Engage

With Splashtop Classroom, you can increase student interactivity and engagement while you teach. No longer stuck at the front of the classroom, you can control your computer while roaming around – annotate over lesson content then save for later use directly from your tablet. Pass control of your computer to a student and let them work through the lesson with you from their desk! Enable the whiteboard features to easily allow students to share their ideas from their mobile device. Keep visually/hearing impaired or disabled students engaged from anywhere in the room.

Teaching with iPad
Annotate iPad Screen
Highlight and Annotate Screen Content
With Splashtop Classroom you can :

  • Instantly share your PC/Mac screen with students devices: Let students see everything on the teachers PC or Mac. Pass control to a student and let them interact with the lesson without moving from their seats. No need to upload presentations ahead of time.
  • Increase student engagement: Students view the lesson directly in front of them – increasing their focus. Let students annotate to capture their ideas. Use the spotlight & screen shade tools to further focus attention. Import and share class worksheets. Pass control to a student and let their imagination do the rest!
  • Supports Android devices and Chromebooks. Use Splashtop Classroom to share your computer with students’ Android tablets and smartphones as well as Chromebooks (iPads and Windows/Mac using the Chrome Browser are also supported). Perfect for your 1:1 and BYOD initiatives!
  • Enhance special education teaching: The visually impaired or disabled can now view & control the classroom computer without moving from their desk.
  • Turn students devices into Interactive Whiteboards: Turn devices into an IWB at a fraction of the cost of a traditional IWB! Let students control lessons then highlight, draw, or write over content. Ditch that Airliner and Mimiopad today!
  • Control your computer and improve classroom management: : No longer stuck behind the computer, you can now teach from all four corners of the room and still control the lesson. Already have a SmartBoard or Promethean board? Then use Splashtop to control the drawing and notebook tools.
  • View anything – including FLASH and Webcams: Play Adobe Flash, iTunes music, DVDs, CDs, etc. as they were meant to be enjoyed but on your tablet. No need to transfer documents or repurpose content for tablets. Access your webcam software and keep an eye on the class!
  • Use the applications you already have: Already use Apple Keynote or iMovie? Maybe Microsoft Office? Prefer Firefox or Chrome? Access your favorite applications without relearning or transferring files. Use all your existing bookmarks, shortcuts and plug-ins.
  • Enhance coaching and PD sessions. Ask your teachers to come to your session with their iPads to increase their engagement.
  • No need for a projector. Share your desktop with your students devices without needing a projector.
  • Take attendance at the door. Meet your students as they walk into the classroom while using the attendance application on your computer.
  • Connect from anywhere – even from home: You can leave your computer on and connect to it remotely from home. No more late nights at school preparing for tomorrow’s lesson.
  • Use Splashtop – for FREE !! : Why buy Splashtop yourself? Ask your admin or IT team to purchase the cloud version of Splashtop Classroom. It includes Splashtop Remote and Splashtop Whiteboard!