Remote Computer Multi Monitor Viewing with Splashtop

If you want to remotely access Windows PCs and Macs with multiple monitors, Splashtop is a great solution. With Splashtop, you have several options for viewing multiple monitors while you are controlling a remote computer.

  • View one remote monitor at a time and switch between screens
  • View multiple remote monitors on one screen (one-window)
  • View multiple remote monitors on multiple local screens (multi-window / multi-to-multi monitor)

These features vary by product. Read on below for a list of which Splashtop solutions include each of these options.

Cross-platform viewing and remote control

With Splashtop, you can view and control remote computers cross platform, including viewing multiple monitors from one operating system on a local computer or device running another operating system.

  • Control and view your Windows computer from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chromebook*
  • Control and view your Mac from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chromebook*

*Chromebook support available in Splashtop Business Access, Remote Support and SOS. Not available for Personal edition.

Overview Videos

Watch this video to see multi-monitor remote access from Mac to Mac.

Mac to Mac Multi Monitor Remote Access
Mac to Mac Multi Monitor Remote Access

Here’s another video overview (the right computer remotely controlling and viewing the screens of the left computer).

Viewing Multiple Monitors with Splashtop
Viewing Multiple Monitors with Splashtop

Try it now with a free trial of Splashtop Business Access Pro, Remote Support, or SOS.

How to switch monitors and view multiple monitors

Windows, Mac, and Chromebook

When in a remote access session, you can switch monitors by clicking the “switch monitor” button in the toolbar at the top of your screen. The blue dot on the monitor icon will indicate the number of the monitor that you are viewing or a multi-monitor symbol in this example.

Multi-monitor for Windows, Mac, and Chromebook

In the example below, the first two menu items let you select Monitor 1 or Monitor 2 from the remote system to view on your screen. (I don’t know why Lenovo and/or Windows gave my Monitor 2 laptop screen such a long name.) The blue dot on the monitor icon shows the number of the monitor that is being access or a multi-monitor indicator.

The third menu item lets you view all monitors from the remote computer on one local screen. This is also known as multi-to-one.

The final option lets you view each remote monitor in a separate window on your local computer and you can arrange those windows on multiple local monitors. This is also known as multi-to-multi.

Selecting multi-monitor options

iPhone and iPad

On iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad, there is a similar toolbar button available when the menu is activated at the bottom of your device screen. Selecting this button gives you

Multi-monitor from iPhone or iPad

On an iPhone (below), you have the options to view one screen at a time or both remote screens at the same time on your phone screen.

Selecting monitors on iPhone

Android Phones and Tablets

The Splashtop Android apps offer the option to view one remote monitor at a time. The button highlighted below is used to switch to the next monitor.

Multi-monitor from Android


Which Splashtop solution should I subscribe to if I want each option?

This table shows the multi-monitor capabilities available in each Splashtop solution.

Multi-monitor options with Splashtop

View one monitor at a time View multiple monitors at the same time
Business Access Solo
Business Access Pro
Remote Support Premium
Splashtop Enterprise

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