Splashtop Enterprise Demo: End-user Remote Access and Remote IT Support Capabilities

Splashtop Enterprise is an all-in-one remote access and remote support solution with flexible licensing for end-users and technicians.

Watch this video to learn about the capabilities and features of Splashtop Enterprise:

Splashtop Enterprise Administrator/Technician Demo
Splashtop Enterprise Administrator/Technician Demo
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With Splashtop Enterprise you get:

  • High-performance remote access for employees to work from home
  • Ability to schedule remote access
  • Group-based access permissions and management
  • Integration with single sign-on (SSO) for centralized authentication
  • Ability to provide ‘helpdesk’ support to computers and mobile devices with on-demand remote access
  • Ability to provide unattended remote support to computers
  • Remote computer management features like managing Windows updates
  • Unattended access to Android devices

Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Labs enables educational institutions to schedule and manage remote access to lab computers, and enables IT to remotely support student and faculty devices.

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