Testimonials From Schools Like:

Five StarsRScarlettA76

Best App for teachers with iPads! This is the GREATEST APP FOR TEACHERS. I no longer need to lug around the laptop computer when I go to meetings. I am also able to have students interact without having to get up. ( small classroom many students). I just leave my computer on the docking station. If I need to check something I connect. Loving so much shared with my fellow teachers and they can’t get enough of it. Enjoy!

Five StarsTeancome74

Most Outstanding! The best app for teachers. My students with special needs can dictate
their papers using Siri instead of typing them.

Five StarsBryanMcBrayer

Classroom tool. This is a great tool for my classroom!

Five StarsTchr2day

Great!! Love it! Gets me out from behind the Smartboard so I can wander and watch all of my classroom.

Five StarsGZubes

Awesome! This is great. It allows me all of the productivity of my laptop, without having to lug the thing around. It is especially useful as a teacher, because I often need my computer at home and at school on a regular basis.

Five StarsAdropolis

Good App. So far, this app has worked smoothly. I am using this in my classroom at school to have kids work out problems on the board using my iPad and the classroom projector. Hardly any lag time. Great App!

Five StarsMegsdrtes

Great for teaching. I use this for teaching in a secondary school. Great for controlling computers in the classroom from anywhere or getting work from my desk computer in the
staff room. Also good for learning enhancement kids who may have problems with shyness or unable to work with groups. I just give them my iPad for the activity and they can join. Only problem is that it needs more licenses as I work in more than 5 rooms!

“I needed a product that would scale within minutes, be flexible and support many different devices. Splashtop Enterprise met that challenge. Whether I’m serving up 3D rendering nodes to students from Windows RDS, high performance desktops to visitors, or single applications to staff, Splashtop does it all.”
Andre Hafner
Director, AAP IT Solutions
Cornell University, College of Architecture, Art, and Planning
“After extensive research, we picked Splashtop to allow our administrators to access their computers remotely, enter teacher information and print evaluation documents – all while walking back to their offices!  This saves a lot of time and makes each of us more efficient at our jobs.”
Dr. Gary McAdam
Principal, Concord High School
“I use Splashtop with my students so I can walk to the back of the room while they see what is happening up front — I focus them on what is important on the screen. I love the Wow factor with the kids. they ask me “how did you do that?!!”
Katharina Boser
Ph.D. President, Individual Differences in Learning
LS Technology Coordinator at Glenelg Country School