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Splashtop New Features

Splashtop New Features June/July 2020

By Splashtop Team
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Splashtop has released the 3.4.0.x versions of the Splashtop Business apps and streamers for subscribers (and trial users) of Splashtop Business Access, Splashtop Remote Support, and Splashtop SOS.

What's New in Version of the Splashtop Business Apps and Streamers?

Here are some of the top new features and enhancements in the and updates.

New! Switch between computer users in an SOS session without reconnecting (for users of Splashtop SOS)

If you are in a Splashtop SOS remote access session and need to switch to a different user account on the remote computer, the session will remain connected.

Note: The Splashtop SOS new features mentioned in this post apply to our latest SOS plans including SOS, SOS+10, and SOS Unlimited. These features are not available in SOS Lite that is bundled with Splashtop Remote Support or in the 2017 and earlier legacy SOS plan.

Auto-login after remote reboot in an SOS session

When you are in a Splashtop SOS remote session accessing a Windows computer and you reboot the remote computer, you can now log in after reboot without entering credentials again. We're happy to introduce this new timesaving feature.

Enhanced print quality/compatibility with remote Windows computers

The remote print feature on Windows previously used the XPS file format. Now you can use PDF file format for improved rendering of document formatting. The process has been also been simplified so you can select "Splashtop PDF Remote Printer" as a print destination without any extra printer driver installation required. See the Remote Print support article for more information.

Use a mouse or trackpad with Splashtop on your iPad

You can now use a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad with Splashtop on an iPad with iOS 13.4 in a remote session. We've also added improved shortcut support when using external keyboards.

New features added to Splashtop Streamer for Linux

The new version of the Splashtop Streamer for Linux, released on July 15, 2020, adds loads of new features to bring its feature set closer to the Windows and Mac streamers.

New features include: remote reboot, remote cursor, wake-on-LAN, multi-monitor support with the ability to switch between remote monitors and to display multiple remote monitors on one local scree, support for dynamic resolution (change resolution during a remote session), and more!

Support for both Splashtop Global and EU

Starting on June 22, 2020, we added a new site and cloud back-end with initial availability in France. On June 29, 2020, we extended it to 28 other countries.

The version and later apps and streamers support connecting to either. Regardless of where you are in the world, if you created your account on then you will continue to use that site and your account will be hosted on the global instance. If you start a new account from one of the 29 European countries then you will be prompted to start that account on the site.

If you are in Europe, you may be automatically directed to the site based on your location. Be sure to check the Global | EU selector next to the login fields to make sure you are on the correct site where your account resides.

Additional improvements and enhancements:

  • Improvement: File Transfer interface will now follow local date/time format

  • Enhanced audio/video sync on Macs

  • Security improvements

  • Various bug fixes

How can I get the latest Splashtop updates?

As usual, the updated apps and streamers are initially available from Then they are made available via the "Check for Updates" feature, and finally, the update is automatically rolled out to existing streamers and you will be prompted to update your Windows or Mac apps.

Version apps and streamers that available as of June 22, 2020, include the Splashtop Business App for Windows and Mac, Splashtop Streamer for Windows and Mac, Splashtop SOS apps for Mac and Windows, and Splashtop Business app for iOS. minor updates were released starting July 15, 2020.

The Android apps releases at the same time use different version numbering and include Splashtop Business for Android, Splashtop Streamer for Android 3.1.5, and Splashtop SOS for Android 3.1.5 which are all available on the Google Play Store.

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