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Splashtop’s New Features in Q3 2022

By Splashtop Team
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Enhancing remote session productivity, endpoint management and service desk support capabilities

With the v3.5.2.x releases in Q3, we’re introducing capabilities that make remote work and remote support even more efficient and productive. Use the latest version of the Splashtop Business apps and streamers to gain access to the new features that apply to your subscription.

Let’s look at some of the key features we’ll be introducing by the end of September:

Increased Productivity and Usability

Native Apple Silicon support

Splashtop products will have native support for both Apple Silicon (M1, M2) and Intel chips. The new universal binary will support macOS 10.10+.

Improved audio quality

Splashtop remote sessions will support higher audio bitrates and deliver better audio fidelity. Users will be able to control the bitrate levels, and mute audio during the session conveniently using the in-session toolbar. More information will be available soon.

Splashtop Connector

Splashtop Enterprise users who have the Connector add-on for accessing servers via RDP will now be able to transfer files from their Mac computers to the Windows servers via the Connector. They will also support multiple monitors during the RDP session, just like in standard Splashtop sessions.

More Efficient Endpoint Management

These features are applicable for technicians using Splashtop Enterprise and Splashtop Remote Support (Premium). They’re available through the management web console.

1-to-Many file transfer

Technicians will be able to transfer a file (up to 1 GB) to multiple Windows or Mac computers at once using 1-to-Many actions.

Inventory for Android devices

Users will be able to see the system, software and hardware inventory for Android devices.

New inventory dashboard

A new “Inventory” dashboard will be available for viewing computer inventory data. Users can search for specific attributes, and filter by different computer groups on their Windows and Mac computers. As before, you still have the ability to download inventory reports. The inventory function performance has been optimized to handle a much larger number of endpoints.

Faster and Easier Service Desk Support

These features are applicable for technicians using Splashtop Enterprise.

Use a 6-digit PIN code to provide on-demand support

As an alternative to the current support URL link, the technician can now create a 6-digit PIN code that they will provide to the end user. The end user will input the code in the mobile SOS app to raise their support request in the technician’s queue.

The end user can also enter the 6-digit PIN code on the Splashtop web page, which will automatically download the mobile app and raise the request in the support queue. This 6-digit PIN code method is initially for remote access to mobile devices only; desktop support is coming soon.

Provide service desk support to mobile devices

Technicians can now remote into iOS and Android mobile devices from the service desk console using the 6-digit PIN code.

Add comments to support sessions

Technicians can add comments within the service desk support sessions. The important information is efficiently logged and easily communicated between multiple technicians working on the same support session. Permissions to edit the comments can be controlled granularly.

Live session status updates

In the support queue, session attributes such as session status, computer association, technician assignment, etc. will automatically update in real-time. Technicians will see the updates as soon as they happen.

Integrate with Freshservice PSA

Technicians can launch a service desk support session from within their Freshservice ticket.

Upload chat transcripts into the ticketing system

Along with the session and file transfer logs, chat transcripts will also be available in the ticket comments once the service desk support session is closed. This feature is currently available with Splashtop SOS products.

Better Team and User Management

New user permission report

Team Owners and Admins can now export a .CSV of user access permissions in the team and easily keep track of user permissions. This feature is currently unavailable for Splashtop Business Access and legacy products.

Manage streamer settings from the web console

Team owners and admins will be able to configure certain streamer and session settings from the web including blank screen, lock screen, lock keyboard + mouse, and more. They will be able to create a preference policy in the web console, choose default settings, and associate specific computers with the policy. More information will be available soon.

We continue to deliver top features based on valuable customer feedback. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

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