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Remote Access Solutions to Enable Remote Work – Splashtop Enterprise vs. Splashtop Business Access Pro

By Splashtop Team


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Organizations in many different industries have caught the trend of remote work and experienced increased productivity by enabling employees to access work computers, desktop applications, and sensitive data securely, at any time and from anywhere.

Splashtop, particularly Splashtop Business Access Pro, has been the remote access solution of choice for many such organizations worldwide to enable work from home. Individuals and teams can access work computers from any BYOD computer or mobile device, and use the computer just as they would in person. Users also get in-session features like file transfer, multi-monitor viewing, remote print, remote reboot, and more that increase work efficiency.

With the newly launched Splashtop Enterprise, Splashtop takes remote access capabilities to the next level. It is the next-gen all-in-one remote access solution for teams and organizations with additional capabilities for creatives like remote microphone and USB device passthrough, and for IT like granular permissions and group-based access. It provides the flexibility and control that IT teams need to manage remote access for their organization. Not just that, IT can also provide remote support to computers and mobile devices. You can choose the number of end-user remote access licenses and technician remote support licenses your team or organization needs.

Let’s explore the differences between Splashtop Enterprise and Splashtop Business Access Pro:

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Splashtop Enterprise
Splashtop Business Access Pro
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