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Remote worker utilizing Splashtop for remote training and onboarding while working from home
Working Remotely

Effective Onboarding and Training from Home Using Splashtop

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Educational institutions, meteorologists, news broadcasters, game developers, architects, retailers, government agencies, and many more have swiftly adapted to working from home. They’re all trendsetters as this hasn’t been done before on such a large scale – meteorologists haven’t run weather reports remotely, studios haven’t produced videos from home and architects haven’t created 3D models from their iPads before.

Remote desktop solutions like Splashtop enable them to remote into their specialized workstations and access their licensed ‘heavy’ software as if they were sitting right in front of it. With high performance, high security, low latency, and the lowest prices on the market, Splashtop is the preferred solution to work from home for many.

As organizations work from home, there is a new remote need emerging - the onboarding of new employees.

Remote training and onboarding - a rising challenge in the WFH age

Up until recently, when we started a new job, we’d meet our team, attend a hands-on training in a conference room, shadow team members, and get on-the job training from them. Even if the new hire was in a different city, he/she would be flown as required to meet the experts and learn from them. All of these things seem far and distant now. Depending on the role, sometimes it is possible to train through collaboration and communication, especially if the applications used are all cloud-based. But what about the professionals mentioned above who need to be trained on using an application that’s housed on an unmanned workstation in a remote location? In such a situation, how does one effectively onboard and train an employee?

And how about students who are basically undergoing training full-time? How do teachers continue to teach students on such resource-intensive applications?

Simultaneous remote access to computers is the most effective solution

The solution to remotely onboard and conduct training is quite simple really – if you can’t physically sit at a computer, then you just need to access it remotely as if you were sitting right in front of it. And all it takes is 3 easy steps:

  1. Install the Splashtop streamer on the workstation

  2. Download the Splashtop Business app on your laptop or mobile device

  3. Instantly remote in by launching the app whenever you need to access the applications and data on the workstation

And you know the best part?

Two users can remote into the same computer, and see each other’s mouse cursors.

This allows trainers and trainees to access the same application simultaneously, and as a result, knowledge can be transferred seamlessly. New employees can shadow their team members working on a project, and teachers can train and help students with their projects.

Also, if you use an iPad, Surface Pro, or any mobile device you can annotate on, to remote into the computer, you can make the training/teaching more interactive and effective. Splashtop provides broad device support – you can remote into any PC, Mac or Linux computer from any computer or mobile device.

Splashtop’s high performance and low latency enable you to access remote applications in real-time. You can conduct effective trainings remotely without the frustration of laggy connections.

How a meteorologist trained a new team member remotely

Daniel Johnson, chief meteorologist at WMDT, a Marquee Broadcasting-owned ABC affiliate used Splashtop to train a newly hired meteorologist remotely. Daniel used Splashtop to remote into their weather graphics computer and build graphics while the new employee first shadowed him, and then practiced remotely. The training also involved tasks like cutting the weather video remotely, and presenting the weather report from home while using the remote graphics computer. In all, the training was completed in two weeks, at the end of which the new hire was on air. Read the whole story here.

Try Splashtop Business Access for Free

With Splashtop Business Access, users can not only remote into their workstations securely but also teach students, train and help onboard new employees effectively from home.

You might also be interested in reading about how other meteorologists keep their weather stations running remotely, studios produce videos from home, and architects create 3D models remotely.

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