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Splashtop Remote Desktop Integration with Freshservice - IT Chronicles Feature

By Splashtop Team


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Splashtop’s CTO and Co-founder, Phil Sheu, was featured in IT Chronicles to discuss Splashtop’s new remote access and control integration with Freshservice. The integration gives Freshservice users the ability to launch a remote access session to their client’s computer from within a Freshservice ticket.

The discussion took place at Refresh 19, Freshwork’s annual expo and conference, where Splashtop is also a sponsor. Splashtop announced the new integration with Freshservice at the event.

Using Remote control to support your Customers
Using Remote control to support your Customers

About the Splashtop Freshservice Integration

With the integration, you can remote into your customer’s computer from within a Freshservice ticket using the Splashtop SOS service. Once connected, you’ll be able to see and control their computer in real-time.

You’ll be able to use the Windows and Mac remote computer access features found in Splashtop SOS (including file transfer, chat, remote reboot, share technician desktop, and more). All remote sessions are fully encrypted. Once the connection is closed, session information is automatically logged into the Freshservice ticket.

You can get started with a Splashtop SOS free trial. Then, download the free Splashtop plugin from the Freshworks Marketplace (coming soon) and you’ll be set! Learn more about setting up the Splashtop integration with Freshservice, or start your SOS trial now. After the trial, the Freshworks integration works with Splashtop SOS Unlimited edition.

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