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Remote Access Permissions in Splashtop Enterprise

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Granular access permissions and role-based privileges in Splashtop make it easier to ensure the upmost security while utilizing remote access across an organization.

Splashtop Enterprise is a powerful, all-in-one remote access solution for large organizations. It caters to all the remote access needs an organization may have, including:

  • IT remotely supporting both attended and unattended computers and devices

  • Employees remotely accessing their office computers to work remotely

  • Educational institutions scheduling and managing students’ remote access to lab computers for distance learning.

With entire organizations utilizing remote access to work from home or on the road, and providing remote support, it can seem daunting trying to manage which users have access to certain machines, and what tools and features are available to certain users.

Thankfully, with Splashtop Enterprise, IT administrators can easily manage computer access permissions and role-based feature permissions, all through a centralized admin console.

Here’s a closer look at these tools found in Splashtop Enterprise:

Individual Remote Access Permissions

The admin console gives IT administrations the ability to manage all users, workstations being remotely accessed, and devices being used to remote in.

To ensure highly sensitive computers can only be accessed by a user or users with proper clearance, the administrator can assign access permissions to only those who are allowed to remotely access that machine.

Using this tool restrict access rights to only those cleared to access to can help organizations minimize the risk of security breaches.

Group-Based Access Permissions

Another great feature in the Splashtop admin console is the grouping feature. Admins can create groups for both users and computers. Then, the IT admin can set access permissions at the group level.

This nifty feature can make it much easier for IT managers to assign access permissions for entire organizations. For example, you could easily give the marketing team access to the computers in the marketing department, or school IT could give only a specific class access to certain lab computers.

Group-based Administrators

IT admins can also assign specific group-based admins that can manage permissions only for a smaller group of users. For example, a team lead can manage users, computers and permissions for his/her own team, and a teacher or IT staff for just their own class of students.

Granular Role-Based Permissions

Splashtop Enterprise comes with a powerful set of in-session features designed for both remote working and for IT support, including remote disconnect, remote reboot, remote Streamer restart, 2 users concurrently connecting into 1 computer, and more.

However, you might not want all your users to be able to use these features. For security purposes, maybe you only want your IT team to use a feature like remote disconnect.

The Splashtop admin console lets IT administrators assign roles to each user, such as administrator, group administrator or member. With users slotted into roles, you can simply set role-based permissions for Splashtop’s in-session remote access features.

Bonus – Remote Access Scheduling

School IT can especially benefit from Splashtop Enterprise’s scheduling feature. With this tool, you can set access permissions based on specific times.

For example, let’s say you have a computer lab with 15 machines. At 1pm, there is a class of 15 graphic design students that need to access these lab computers during class time. With Splashtop Enterprise, you can schedule remote access privileges so only the students in the class can remotely control the lab computers during the class hours. The students will not have access to those computers beyond the scheduled time-slot.

Organizations can also use this helpful feature to set the days/hours that managed computers can be remotely accessed.

Get Started with Splashtop Enterprise

Splashtop is the best-value enterprise-class remote computer access solution and remote support tool. Enable employees and students to work from home or IT to manage computers and provide on-demand support to any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Splashtop Enterprise also includes SSO/SAML integration, remote computer management capabilities, and many more useful features.

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