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Boost Remote Support for Apple Devices with Splashtop + Jamf

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In today's digital landscape, remote access and support have become essential components for efficient IT management. For organizations utilizing Apple devices, the combination of Splashtop and Jamf offers a powerful solution to enhance remote support capabilities.

Splashtop, renowned for its high-performance remote access software, seamlessly integrates with Jamf, a leading Apple device management solution, to provide a comprehensive and secure remote support experience.

This blog delves into the specifics of the Splashtop + Jamf integration, exploring how this synergy can significantly improve remote support for Apple devices. By leveraging the robust features of both platforms, IT administrators can ensure enhanced security, streamlined management, and superior support for their end users.

The Need for Enhanced Remote Support for Jamf

In the modern workplace, the proliferation of Apple devices requires robust management and support solutions to ensure seamless operation and security. As organizations increasingly rely on remote work, IT administrators face the challenge of effectively supporting a distributed workforce. This is where the integration of Splashtop with Jamf becomes crucial.

Addressing Remote Support Challenges

Jamf is a powerful tool for managing Apple devices, offering comprehensive solutions for deploying, configuring, and securing these devices. However, the need for enhanced remote support remains a critical component. IT administrators must be able to remotely access and troubleshoot devices without compromising security or productivity. Splashtop addresses this need by providing high-performance remote access and support capabilities.

Ensuring Security and Compliance

One of the primary concerns with remote support is maintaining the security and integrity of the devices and data. Splashtop enhances Jamf's security framework by offering encrypted remote sessions and detailed logging of activities. This ensures that all remote interactions are secure and compliant with organizational policies and industry regulations. By integrating Splashtop with Jamf, IT administrators can confidently support remote users, knowing that their connections are protected.

What is Splashtop Remote Access?

Splashtop is a leading solution for high-performance remote connectivity, enabling users to access and control their computers and devices from anywhere. Known for its reliable and secure connections, Splashtop caters to a wide range of needs, from individual users to large enterprises, providing robust tools for remote work, IT support, and device management.

Key Features and Capabilities

  • High-Performance Remote Access: Splashtop is designed to deliver fast and seamless remote access. Users can connect to their computers and devices with minimal latency, experiencing high-definition video and audio streaming as if they were physically present.

  • Multi-Device Support: Splashtop supports a variety of devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. This multi-platform compatibility ensures that users can access their systems regardless of the device they are using, enhancing flexibility and productivity.

  • Comprehensive Security: Security is a top priority for Splashtop. The platform uses robust encryption protocols to protect remote sessions, ensuring that all data transmitted between devices is secure. Additionally, Splashtop offers features such as two-factor authentication, device authentication, and detailed logging of remote sessions to enhance security and compliance.

  • Ease of Use: Splashtop is known for its user-friendly interface and easy setup process. Users can quickly install the Splashtop app on their devices and start accessing their systems remotely with minimal configuration. This ease of use extends to IT administrators who can efficiently manage and deploy Splashtop across an organization.

  • Advanced Remote Support Tools: For IT support teams, Splashtop provides advanced tools that enable support teams to troubleshoot and resolve issues effectively, reducing downtime and improving user satisfaction.

  • Flexible Deployment Options: Splashtop offers both cloud-based and on-premise deployment options. Organizations can choose the deployment model that best fits their security requirements and infrastructure.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Splashtop provides affordable pricing plans that cater to different needs. This cost-effectiveness and its robust features make Splashtop an attractive option for remote access and support.

Applications of Splashtop Remote Access

Splashtop is widely used across various industries for diverse applications:

  • Remote Work: Professionals can work from anywhere, accessing their office computers and resources as if they were in the office.

  • IT Support: IT teams can provide remote support to employees and clients, troubleshooting and resolving issues without needing to be on-site.

  • Education: Educators and students can access lab computers and educational software remotely, facilitating remote learning and virtual classrooms.

  • Healthcare: Healthcare providers can remotely access medical records and applications, ensuring continuous care and support.

What is Jamf?

Jamf is a comprehensive management platform designed specifically for Apple devices, providing IT administrators with the tools needed to deploy, manage, and secure Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV devices. As a leading solution in enterprise mobility management (EMM) and mobile device management (MDM), Jamf simplifies the complexities of managing Apple devices in educational institutions, businesses, and other organizations.

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Device Deployment: Jamf streamlines the deployment process, allowing IT administrators to configure and set up new devices quickly and efficiently. With features like zero-touch deployment, devices can be pre-configured and delivered directly to users, ready to use out of the box. This is particularly beneficial for large organizations and educational institutions where deploying multiple devices simultaneously is required.

  • Configuration Management: Jamf provides robust tools for configuring device settings, applications, and security policies. IT administrators can create and deploy configuration profiles that manage Wi-Fi settings, email accounts, and more. This ensures consistency and compliance across all managed devices.

  • Application Management: Jamf simplifies managing applications on Apple devices. IT administrators can deploy, update, and manage apps from the App Store or custom apps developed in-house. Jamf's app management capabilities ensure that users have access to the necessary tools while maintaining control over app usage and security.

  • Security and Compliance: The platform allows IT administrators to enforce security policies, such as password requirements, encryption, and remote wipe capabilities. Additionally, Jamf helps organizations comply with industry regulations and standards by providing detailed monitoring and reporting features.

  • Inventory and Reporting: Jamf offers inventory management, providing real-time visibility into all managed devices. IT administrators can track device details, such as hardware specifications, installed applications, and usage patterns. This information is invaluable for making informed decisions about device management and support.

  • Self-Service Portal: The Jamf Self-Service portal empowers users by giving them access to a curated list of apps, resources, and services approved by their organization. This reduces the dependency on IT support for routine tasks and enhances the user experience by providing easy access to necessary tools and information.

  • Jamf Support: The Jamf support portal offers a comprehensive knowledge base, direct assistance via phone and email, and a community forum. Those needing Jamf customer support can easily find help if they should need it.

Integrating Splashtop with Jamf

Integrating Splashtop with Jamf combines the robust remote access capabilities of Splashtop with Jamf’s comprehensive Apple device management platform, creating a powerful solution for IT administrators. This integration enables seamless remote access and support, enhancing the management and security of Apple devices across an organization.

Steps to Integrate Splashtop with Jamf

1. Preparing the Splashtop Streamer: The first step involves preparing the Splashtop Streamer for deployment. The Streamer is the software that needs to be installed on the devices to enable remote access. Splashtop provides a deployable PKG file for macOS devices, which can be easily integrated with Jamf Pro.

2. Creating the PKG File:

  • Build the PKG: Use the Splashtop deployment guide to build a PKG file that includes the Splashtop Streamer. This involves downloading the necessary files and using tools like Composer to package the Streamer.

  • Adjust Permissions: Ensure that the permissions and ownership of the Streamer folder are correctly set to avoid any issues during deployment.

3. Uploading the PKG to Jamf Pro

  • Log in to Jamf Pro: Access your Jamf Pro account and navigate to the settings.

  • Add the PKG File: In the Computer Management section, click on Packages and then click New. Upload the previously created PKG file and configure its settings, including priority and category.

4. Creating a Computer Policy

  • Define the Policy: Create a new computer policy in Jamf Pro to deploy the Splashtop Streamer. Configure the general settings such as the display name, trigger (e.g., Recurring Check-In), and execution frequency (e.g., Once Per Computer).

  • Add the PKG to the Policy: In the Packages tab, add the Splashtop PKG file to the policy and configure additional settings as needed

5. Configuring Scripts and Commands:

  • Deployment Script: Use scripts to automate the installation process. For example, a command can be set to run the deployment script that installs the Splashtop Streamer with the necessary parameters and deployment code.

  • Kernel Extensions: Create a configuration profile for approved kernel extensions if needed, although newer versions of Splashtop Streamer may not require this step.

6. Setting Up Remote Access:

  • Scope the Policy: Define the scope of the policy to determine which devices will receive the Splashtop Streamer installation. This can be set to all computers or a specific subset based on organizational needs.

  • Deploy and Monitor: Save the policy and deploy it. Monitor the deployment process through Jamf Pro to ensure that the Splashtop Streamer is successfully installed on the target devices.

7. Utilizing Splashtop and Jamf Together: Once the integration is complete, IT administrators can leverage Splashtop’s remote access capabilities to support and manage Apple devices efficiently.

6 Benefits of Splashtop and Jamf Integration

Integrating Splashtop with Jamf offers numerous advantages for organizations managing Apple devices. Here are six key benefits of this powerful integration:

  1. Enhanced Remote Support: Integrating Splashtop with Jamf significantly enhances the remote support capabilities for IT administrators. With Splashtop’s high-performance remote access, IT teams can quickly and efficiently troubleshoot and resolve issues on managed Apple devices. This reduces downtime and ensures that users remain productive, regardless of their location.

  2. Improved Security and Compliance: Security is a paramount concern for organizations, especially when managing remote devices. The integration ensures that all remote sessions are encrypted, providing secure connections between devices. Splashtop also offers features like two-factor authentication, device authentication, and detailed session logging, which help maintain compliance with industry regulations and organizational policies.

  3. Streamlined Deployment and Management: Deploying and managing remote access tools can be complex, but the integration with Jamf simplifies this process. IT administrators can easily deploy the Splashtop Streamer to multiple devices using Jamf Pro’s packaging and policy management features. This streamlined deployment process saves time and reduces the complexity of managing remote access across an organization.

  4. Multi-Device and Cross-Platform Support: Splashtop supports a wide range of devices, including macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux. This cross-platform compatibility ensures that IT administrators can provide remote support to all devices within the organization, regardless of the operating system. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for organizations with diverse device environments.

  5. Scalability for Growing Organizations: As organizations grow, their device management needs become more complex. The Splashtop and Jamf integration provides a scalable solution that can accommodate the increasing number of devices and users. IT administrators can easily expand their remote access and support capabilities without significant additional overhead, ensuring that they can continue to meet the needs of a growing organization.

  6. Enhanced User Experience: The integration of Splashtop with Jamf enhances the overall user experience by providing reliable and responsive remote access. Users can access their workstations and resources from anywhere, using any device, without experiencing significant latency or performance issues. This seamless remote access improves productivity and satisfaction among end-users.

Enhanced Apple Device Management for Jamf Users with Splashtop

Integrating Splashtop with Jamf significantly enhances the management of Apple devices.

With Splashtop’s unattended access feature, IT administrators can remotely manage and maintain devices even when users are not present. This is particularly useful for off-hours maintenance, software updates, and emergency troubleshooting, ensuring that devices remain up-to-date and secure without disrupting user productivity.

Combining Jamf’s comprehensive device management capabilities with Splashtop’s remote access tools provides IT administrators with centralized control over all Apple devices. This integration streamlines the process of deploying applications, managing settings, and enforcing security policies, making it easier to maintain a consistent and secure device environment.

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In an era where remote work is becoming the norm, having a reliable and secure remote access solution is essential for businesses of all sizes. The integration of Splashtop with Jamf provides an unmatched combination of robust device management and high-performance remote access, ensuring that organizations can maintain productivity and security while supporting a distributed workforce.

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