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Working Remotely

Can Graphic Design Be Done Remotely?

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The rise in remote work is introducing new challenges to many different workplaces and industries. Some individuals require certain equipment that makes working remotely more of a challenge than the average knowledge worker. Graphic designers are one group of people who need more specialized equipment to get work done. The good news? Remote access software provides graphic designers the ability to work remotely, even with the more resource-intense hardware and specialized accessories like tablets. 

Can Graphic Design Be Done Remotely? 

Yes—with the help of remote access software, graphic designers can work remotely without compromising quality or efficiency. Remote access tools like Splashtop have specific features like USB device redirection and multi-monitor support to make working remotely easy for graphic designers.  

The Benefits of Remote Work for Graphic Designers 

After the mandatory quarantine period during the COVID-19 pandemic, employers and employees started to see the benefits of remote work—graphic designers included. Here are a few reasons why graphic designers may want to use remote access software: 

  • Work on the go: Remote work provides office workers of any kind more flexibility in their schedule. Remote access software provides graphic designers with that same level of flexibility. 

  • Access any device: Remote access software allows designers to work from any other device, including a laptop, tablet, or mobile device while using remote access—whatever remote device you’re using is enough. This allows designers the ability to get work done no matter the device they have on hand. 

  • Maintain secure working habits: Remote access software helps to keep work in progress on a dedicated device—there's no need to transfer files back and forth between different devices. 

Features Graphic Designers Need From Remote Access Software 

When choosing the right remote access software, there are a few specific features designers need to be aware of. Here are some:

Accurate Color Responsiveness 

Graphic designers require responsive and accurate display for their work. Any mistranslations of color can be detrimental to their final product, which is why color accuracy is so important. Splashtop offers 4:4:4 color mode for accurate color rending to ensure that the display matches the final product. 

USB Device Redirection 

Some graphic designers use specialized hardware such as ergonomic mice or specialized drawing tablets. When looking for remote access software, it’s important to consider how these auxiliary tools interact. 

USB device redirection is an important feature for graphic designers considering specific remote access software, because it allows end users to use USB devices on a local device to control the remote computer as if they were in person.  

Minimal Latency for High-Performance Software 

Industry standard graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop requires a resource-intense hardware which can make working remotely more challenging. However, with remote access software like Splashtop, graphic designers can use less powerful hardware to access their remote desktop and still achieve the same results—with minimal latency. 

Wacom Support 

Wacom is the industry standard for digital tablets and other digital art tools. Support for this type of hardware is integral in providing graphic designers with the tools they need to be successful.  The team and Splashtop worked closely with Wacom to develop Wacom Bridge—software focused on creating a seamless experience for individuals using Wacom products in a remote setting.  

Wacom Bridge Demo
Wacom Bridge Demo

Design Graphics Remotely with Splashtop 

Splashtop remote access software has all of the major features a graphic designer will need to be successful when working remotely. Features like: 

  • 4:4:4 Color Mode 

  • USB Device Redirection 

  • Minimal Latency for High Performance Software 

  • Wacom Bridge Support 

In addition to all of the features listed, Splashtop is a trusted partner for secure remote access. Splashtop offers advanced security features to ensure protection such as two-factor authentication and multi-level password security.  

In addition, Splashtop is compliant with major security standards such as SOC 2 and FERPA compliance.

Try Splashtop for Your Design Studio 

Interested in seeing how Splashtop can help graphic designers create great content remotely?  Try Splashtop Business Access Performance (for individuals and small teams) or learn more about Splashtop Enterprise (for advanced remote access and support) and see how seamless designing remotely can be. Start with a free trial to see how Splashtop can help introduce efficiency and flexibility to your graphic design team.  

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Sarah Laoyan
Sarah Laoyan is a content marketing specialist at Splashtop. She's an advocate for any technology that helps improve collaboration for remote workers. When not writing, you can find her knitting or crocheting with a cozy beverage nearby.
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