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Splashtop celebrates women in tech on International Women's Day.
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Empowering Women in Tech: Splashtop's Inclusive Approach

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In recognition of International Women's Day, we're celebrating the influential women steering the tech world toward a more inclusive and innovative future. In this blog, we’re highlighting Annie Chen, the Vice President of Product Development here at Splashtop. Annie's journey and leadership at Splashtop offer a unique lens through which to view the company's culture and its impact on inclusivity within the tech industry.

This blog post highlights Annie's experiences and casts a wider net on the company's commitment to nurturing talent and promoting diversity, particularly for women in tech. Join us as we uncover how Splashtop's ethos and dynamic environment contribute to shaping a more inclusive and equitable tech industry.

Overview of Splashtop’s Culture

At the heart of Splashtop's culture lies a deep-seated commitment to diversity and inclusion, values that stand alongside honesty, transparency, trust, fairness, open communication, and gratitude.

Splashtop understands that diversity and inclusion are not mere checkboxes but vital components of a thriving, innovative environment. As a company, we are dedicated to fostering a workspace where every voice is heard and valued, recognizing that a diverse team brings a wealth of perspectives and ideas crucial for groundbreaking solutions.

This commitment extends beyond internal policies to the core of Splashtop's business strategy. By embedding diversity and inclusion into every aspect of our operations, Splashtop ensures that these values are reflected in our products, services, and customer interactions. We actively reflect, listen, and dialogue to deepen our understanding and application of these values.

As Splashtop moves forward, our mission is to champion diversity and inclusion within its walls and set an example for the tech industry at large. The Splashtop team, from management to employees, is united in creating a more inclusive and equitable world through technology.

Annie Chen’s Perspective on Splashtop's Culture

In honor of International Women's Day, Annie Chen took a moment to share her reflections on Splashtop's inclusive culture and the evolving role of women in tech. As Vice President of Product Development at Splashtop, Annie has been a part of an evolving journey reflective of the company's growth and increasing embrace of diversity.

When Annie joined Splashtop in 2008, the team was relatively small and had few women in leadership positions. However, she has since witnessed a remarkable transformation. "I'm happy and proud to see how female representation has changed over the years, with women now playing key roles across all departments."

Annie's multifaceted experience at Splashtop, from coding to developing comprehensive IT solutions, has been deeply customer-focused. This customer-centric approach is intertwined with Splashtop's open communication and supportive culture, which Annie believes is crucial for fostering growth and empowerment.

"It's about knowing there's a core team that supports you and understanding that not getting it right immediately is not a failure but a part of the growth experience," Annie shares, highlighting the company's nurturing environment.

For Annie, the empowerment she's experienced at Splashtop is closely linked to the company's inclusive culture. "We have a great and open level of interaction and communication, inviting everyone, regardless of gender, to engage with the process. This inclusivity is what helps women grow and succeed here," she reflects. She believes this should be a model for the tech industry, especially in promoting women in tech.

Annie advises fostering an inclusive culture in tech companies by "Encouraging an environment that's not afraid to take on challenges, celebrate successes together, and learn from failures together." This philosophy underscores the importance of collective growth and support within the tech community.

In celebration of International Women's Day, Annie's message to women in the tech industry and those aspiring to join is empowering: "Look for a company or a group of people who are supportive and inclusive because that environment will bring out the best in everyone. Be open, ask questions, brainstorm, and find good mentors." Annie's journey and insights underscore the transformative power of inclusive cultures in tech, where every individual, regardless of gender, can contribute, grow, and excel.

Impact of Splashtop's Culture on Women in Tech

Splashtop's culture, deeply rooted in values of inclusivity, open communication, and mutual support, has created an environment where women can thrive and advance.

At Splashtop, women are encouraged to take on leadership roles, engage in decision-making processes, and contribute their unique perspectives to the company's growth. As highlighted by VP of Product Development Annie Chen, the supportive atmosphere ensures that women have the "support and trust of the team in difficult projects," fostering an environment where taking on challenges is not daunting but an opportunity for growth.

Challenges and Opportunities

While the tech industry has made strides toward inclusivity, challenges such as representation and equal opportunities remain. Splashtop's culture addresses these challenges head-on by ensuring that women are not just part of the team but are integral to the company's success and leadership. This approach mitigates the industry-wide underrepresentation issue and sets a benchmark for other companies to follow.

As we celebrate International Women's Day, we invite you to join us in recognizing the invaluable contributions of women in tech and beyond. Splashtop's journey is just one example of how a commitment to inclusivity and diversity can drive positive change in the industry. We encourage you to learn more about Splashtop's empowering culture and explore the career opportunities that await. Let's continue building an inclusive future where everyone's potential can be fully realized.

Splashtop's SEO Manager Verena Cooper.
Verena Cooper
Verena is an International SEO Manager at Splashtop. With a keen interest in technology and cybersecurity, she's an avid user of Splashtop's remote access solution.

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