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Boost IT Productivity with "Paste Clipboard as Keystrokes"

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As an IT professional or managed service provider, you know the struggle of managing countless passwords and credentials across client systems. Typing out long, complex passwords repeatedly is not only tedious but also a productivity drain. That is why Splashtop's remote access software includes a handy "paste clipboard as keystrokes" feature designed to save you valuable time and effort.

The Problem: Copying and Pasting Is not Always Allowed

Despite the convenience of the standard copy-and-paste functions, many scenarios exist where pasting directly from the clipboard is prohibited. A prime example is the Windows login screen, which disables the typical Ctrl+V paste shortcut for security reasons. For managed service providers who need to access client machines remotely, this means typing out lengthy admin passwords manually every single time.

The Solution: "Paste Clipboard as Keystrokes"

The Splashtop toolbar with the Paste Clipboard as Keystrokes option highlighted.

Splashtop's remote desktop software includes a clever workaround - the "paste clipboard as keystrokes" function. With a click on the toolbar or a keyboard shortcut, you can seamlessly convert any text stored in your clipboard into a simulated keystroke output on the remote system.

No more squinting at randomized password strings and painstakingly typing them out character by character. Just copy your credentials, remotely connect to the target machine using Splashtop, and let the software securely type it out for you with 100% accuracy.

Streamline Remote Access Workflows

For MSPs managing multiple client sites and credentials, this time-saving feature quickly adds up to massive productivity gains. Imagine joining a remote session, hitting the paste shortcut, and instantaneously having your 20-character admin password typed out on a locked Windows machine. No more frustration or risk of manual entry errors.

Whether accessing finicky legacy systems, hardened Point-of-Sale terminals, password prompts, or any other locked-down interfaces, Splashtop's "paste as keystroke" capability ensures IT professionals can work quickly and seamlessly. This powerful quality-of-life enhancement eliminates tedious retyping and shaves a lot of time off every remote session.

Additionally, Splashtop allows users to save Windows and Mac login credentials for auto-login. After successfully entering and saving their Windows/Mac credentials the first time they log in, they will not need to enter them again every subsequent time they connect to the computer.

Boost Your Productivity with Splashtop

Robust remote access software packages like Splashtop are force multipliers for IT departments and MSPs. With ingenious workflow upgrades like the "paste clipboard as keystrokes" function, you gain an unparalleled edge in efficiency and productivity. Spend less time on tedious password processes and devote your focus to higher-value tasks.

See for yourself how Splashtop empowers IT professionals with next-gen remote access capabilities. Start your free trial today!

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Venkat Nagaswamy, Chief Revenue Officer at Splashtop
Venkat Nagaswamy
Venkat Nagaswamy is the Chief Revenue Officer at Splashtop, where he spearheads initiatives to leverage data-driven insights for company advancement. With a profound belief in the transformative potential of data, Venkat is committed to infusing innovation into all facets of Splashtop's operations.
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