1:1 initiatives and mobility: Defining the 21st century classroom
Radical changes in mobile technology have created seismic shifts in the way schools build out the 21st century classroom. With many maintenance and operations budgets being slashed, and with classroom sizes spiraling upwards, an increase in technology spending is favored to improve overall student performance. With BYOD already invading the classroom creating an open, standard mobile platform spurring the transition to digital textbooks, not only are these technologies more cost effective to the existing alternatives but they are also shown to boost interactivity, student engagement, and curriculum delivery.A recent article on the Scholastic website titled ‘Best Practices: An iPad Lesson’ showed how the Val Verde Unified school district recently gave 860 teachers their own iPad.

“For us, it was an alternative to touch-boards. We’re able to replace a $2,000 projector and board with an iPad and software,” said Phil Harding, Technology Integration Coordinator.

The move to 1:1 initiatives was captured by a Campus Technology article titled ‘Standardization Is a Driving Factor Behind Goshen College’s 1:1 iPad Initiative’. Goshen College embarked on a 1:1 iPad initiative and was the perfect launch pad to stimulate innovation in the classroom and broader curriculum.

“We believe that technology is a strategic tool for improving the way we teach, learn, deliver services, and operate the college. And Splashtop Enterprise gives our professors the best user experience”, said Michael Sherer, Director of IT Services.

Splashtop Classroom IT
Splashtop Classroom Admin
With the On-premise version of Splashtop Classroom you can :

  • Increase student engagement: Use the latest technology to engage students at all grades and across all subjects.
  • Purchase centrally: Buy Splashtop licenses in bulk for the entire school and receive discounts. No need to distribute codes or buy separate Splashtop apps – everything is included in the Splashtop Classroom app.
  • Manage licenses and report on usage: Invite or deactivate users while seeing who is using Splashtop, when and from what device.
  • Improve teachers classroom management: Teachers have greater classroom mobility without sacrificing control of the lesson.
  • Mobilize staff: Now staff can get out from the office and into the campus or district and still stay in touch. Access confidential student information. Conduct walk-throughs without re-typing your notes.
  • Deliver applications: Combine Splashtop with Windows RDS and deliver browsers, applications to tablets easily and quickly without the cost and complexity of Citrix/VDI.
  • Support online FLASH assessments: Students can access online tutorials and tests directly from their tablets.
  • Reduce costs: Use the applications that you already use and have purchased. Why buy app versions of the same software with limited features and a different interface for your teachers to learn?
  • Present to peers and parents: Present with confidence by turning your tablet into the ultimate presentation control.
  • Access school resources wherever you are: Video cameras, printers, servers are all available via your tablet.