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EPAD Business IT switches to Splashtop Remote Support from LogMeIn Central and enjoys the experience

EPAD IT Saves Over 70% by Switching from LogMeIn Central

Our software makes it easy to migrate from LogMeIn to Splashtop in one evening


EPAD Business IT, LLC, an IT services provider, recently switched to Splashtop Remote Support after using LogMeIn Central for several years. The move came after LogMeIn informed EPAD Business IT that their annual subscription cost for 2019 would be more than double what is was the previous year.

By switching to Splashtop (the best LogMeIn Central alternative), EPAD Business IT saved more than 70% (more than $2,000 in savings) on their cost. And, thanks to a simplified migration process from LogMeIn to Splashtop, they were able to successfully migrate their 250 managed computers from LogMeIn Central to Splashtop Remote Support in just one evening, saving them countless hours and headaches in completing the transition process.

The Challenge

EPAD Business IT’s clients rely on their computer infrastructure for their daily business operations. When something goes wrong, they expect EPAD Business IT to be available to resolve the issue as fast as possible. This makes having a reliable remote support solution essential.

For years they were on the LogMeIn Central Basic plan for 250 endpoints. Their annual subscription cost was $1,247.75 in 2018.

EPAD Business IT was informed by LogMeIn that their price was going to increase to $1,599 for their renewal in 2019, an increase of over $300 for the same subscription package. However, that was before LogMeIn discontinued their packages (Basic, Plus and Premier) and replaced them with a LogMeIn Central “Base Plan” with additional features needed to be purchased in add-ons.

With the new pricing structure, EPAD Business IT’s 2019 renewal cost increased to a whopping $2,999. That’s more than double what they paid in 2018.

Eric Gravens, Owner of EPAD Business IT, was ready to switch at that point “Our price was going from $1,247 to $2,999 for LogMeIn Central [for 250 computers],” said Gravens, “LogMeIn did switch to a different pricing/suite tier, but even their basic suite was ludicrous!”

Gravens needed a reliable and secure remote support solution to provide support to his clients, and he wanted to find one at a lower cost than LogMeIn.

EPAD Business IT Chooses Splashtop

Gravens spent several months looking for the best solution to replace LogMeIn at his company. In addition to price, he also had a few other major requirements while evaluating alternatives:

  • Unlimited concurrent sessions

  • Unlimited users

  • Grouping

  • Safe mode reboot

  • Reliable Android mobile app

“We shopped around a lot in 2018 and early 2019,” Gravens recalled, “We checked TeamViewer, RemoteToPC, and RemotePC… We trialed a lot of packages and eventually chose Splashtop.”

Splashtop Remote Support meets all of Gravens’ major requirements. In particular, it was Splashtop’s Android client that caught his attention. “We opted for a cleaner, nicer Android client,” said Gravens.

Plus, Splashtop Remote Support is much lower priced than LogMeIn (Splashtop vs LogMeIn Central pricing comparison). In fact, after making the switch EPAD Business IT payed less for Splashtop than they did for LogMeIn even before this year’s price hike. By switching to Splashtop, EPAD Business IT saved over 70% on their cost.

Migrating to Splashtop

Once settling on Splashtop, Gravens got started on the migration process. Originally, he thought this process would take days. Instead, it only took a few hours.

“As for moving all our clients off LogMeIn to Splashtop, I was expecting a huge headache,” Gravens said.

Migration from LogMeIn to Splashtop can be done in two simple steps. First you use Splashtop web console to create a deployment package to install the Splashtop Streamer on your managed computers. Then you use LogMeIn’s One2Many feature to silently deploy the Splashtop Streamer without even needing to remote into the computers.

“It saved us an unknown amount of man hours and I was able to do the migration myself in one night! No group policy scripting required,” Gravens said. “Before our subscription of LogMeIn ended, we started a trial of LogMeIn Premier. We created each group in Splashtop and created the deployment streamer for each group. The entire process of Splashtop’s deployment took under three hours for all our PCs. We had a few clients that forgot to leave their PCs on, so we had to take care of those the next day. Not a proble—the vast majority were done that evening.”

The Results

In the end, Gravens secured an alternative remote support tool that is reliable, secure, meets all of his major requirements, and costs significantly less than LogMeIn. EPAD Business IT is now saving over $2,000 on their annual cost with Splashtop!

Gravens was also able to successfully migrate his clients’ computers in one night, saving countless hours of work.

What else did Gravens like about Splashtop? He listed out several of his favorite features for us:

  • Auto logins: Type the username/password once to log into the remote client, a prompt comes up on the screen to automatically enter it again if the PC is at the password prompt. Great for servers and after hours work when users log off.

  • Multi-monitor support: Choose dual monitors and two screens open, one for each of your local monitors. No flipping back and forth.

  • Safe Mode reboot: We’ve all had the need to reboot a stuck or infected PC.

  • User activity: Splashtop now has an activity checker on their app, you can see if the keyboard/mouse is currently active or how long idle.

  • Chat: It’s nice to chat with a user instead of calling them sometimes. Great to relay “I’m done, logging off."

  • 2 sessions, 1 PC: This is kind of cool, did not tip the purchase scale, just nice. I’ve always logged into my tech’s PC when they log into a server (for example) and need to bounce an idea. Now we can directly log into the same server together. Good for vendors too.

  • Email alerts: When a PC goes offline or online, I get an email.

  • The desktop/mobile app GUI: Easy-to-use, clean and simple. Grouping works well. Has a nice layout of buttons.

  • The mobile app usage: It works like a phone/tablet interface instead of dragging a mouse around the screen. Tap on the okay button. No need to drag a mouse around.

  • The price

EPAD Business IT is one of the thousands of business that have switched to Splashtop in recently years due to its high quality, suite of top features and lower price when compared to similar products. Splashtop is the #1 LogMeIn alternative, and will help you save when compared to LogMeIn pricing.

You can try Splashtop Remote Support for free to find out for yourself why so many MSPs and IT pros prefer Splashtop.


About EPAD Business IT

EPAD Business IT is a computer business based in Arizona that services small- and medium-sized companies as well as limited residential clients.

This company sets up and services networks, which includes repairing, upgrading or installing new fileservers and work stations based on the Microsoft operating system. They also perform any IT task requested by their clients, including cabling, network hardware, computer equipment and software. They work as a “one-stop” computer needs service for their clients.

EPAD Business IT uses remote access software to maintain and support their clients’ computers remotely. This helps the company keep their commitments to their customers to provide service to their computers.

About Splashtop Remote Support

For MSPs who want unattended remote access to their managed computers. Provide remote support to Windows and Mac computers from any Windows, Mac, iOS and Android device. Additional monitoring and management features available.

  • High Performance: Splashtop Remote Support is powered by the same award-winning remote access engine found in Splashtop’s personal use solutions. Enjoy fast connections with HD quality and sound.

  • Top Features: Splashtop Remote Support comes with the top features MSPs and IT teams need, including file transfer, chat, remote wake, remote reboot, session recording, user and computer management, grouping and more.

  • Low Price: Splashtop can save you over 80% when compared to other solutions like LogMeIn Central, TeamViewer, ConnectWise ScreenConnect and others. And Splashtop doesn’t increase your renewal cost like other companies.

Why Choose Splashtop over LogMeIn?

Here’s why tens of thousands of businesses like EPAD Business IT prefer Splashtop:

  • Splashtop saves you anywhere from 70% to 80% when compared to LogMeIn

  • Splashtop Remote Support has the same top features found in LogMeIn Central

  • Splashtop is used by more than 20 million worldwide

  • Easy migration from LogMeIn

  • Guaranteed Savings & Early Start Program – don’t wait until your subscription expires, switch at no extra cost

What Customers are Saying

As for moving all our clients off LogMeIn to Splashtop, I was expecting a huge headache. However, it was awesome! By awesome, I mean AWESOME!

Eric Gravens, Owner of EPAD Business IT

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