Splashtop Remote Desktop Review: Chase Rubin

Chase Rubin Splashtop Testimonial

Splashtop is a valuable service for any company or individual that needs remote access to a computer. Splashtop is ideal for help desks and IT personnel. It is also a useful product for home and business computer owners who may need to access material on desktop machines when they are away from the office. Splashtop works with any device, enabling remote access by anyone at any time.

Chase Rubin, tech entrepreneur and Splashtop user, offers his thoughts on the service. He gives the reasons why any company can take advantage of Splashtop’s services. Chase Rubin also compares Splashtop to other companies in the field.

Which Splashtop Product are you using?

I use [Splashtop Business Access] remote desktop. This helps me to access information on my work computer while I am out and about. I am able to open my home desktop on my tablet when I need to access data. It is especially useful for client meetings. I am able to share information directly with my clients and answer any questions they may have about my services. I believe that Splashtop makes my business run more smoothly.

How are you using Splashtop?

I use Splashtop to call up data from my office computer while I am away from my desk. In this way, I am always able to access my data and my customers’ projects. They are grateful that I have the ability to be so flexible in completing tasks. If I had an IT or help desk component to my business, I would also use the remote access for IT and support teams function. If my startup grows to the point where I need these services, I would definitely choose Splashtop above the competition.

Why do you like Splashtop?

Splashtop provides a turnkey solution to remote access. It would be possible to do it without using a service like Splashtop, but it is so easy to use, it eliminates the tough learning curve of setting up this kind of access yourself. I believe that using Splashtop has made my business more agile and ready to cope with any difficulties that business throws my way.

How does Splashtop beat the competition or any other similar product you’ve used before?

I tried a different remote desktop service before using Splashtop, and I am thrilled by how Splashtop beats the competition. Splashtop works more quickly and with less lag than its competitors. The number one advantage of Splashtop is in its ease of setup and ease of use. The interface is intuitive, and it doesn’t take up business owners’ valuable time in learning to use the product.

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