Is Next-Gen Remote Access Solution the Answer to Our New Normal?

“Rather than falling back on the assumptions that traditional VPN is the default approach, companies interested in having their employees successfully work from home, in the long run, owe it to themselves to seek and evaluate next-generation, scalable remote-access platforms,” said Splashtop’s CEO Mark Lee, in a recent expert advice column for members of the Cutter Consortium.

In the article, Mark further explained why VPNs are problematic, how they can — and should — be replaced, with a cloud remote access solutions to enable businesses to be successful in the long run: “These cloud-based remote-access solutions can deliver enhanced productivity, security, compliance, flexibility, and on-demand cost efficiency that can help organizations achieve long-term success.”

With so many remote access solutions out there, how do you choose the right one? We have summarized below what you need to know.

Here is what a reliable next-gen remote-access solution should look like:Next generationAnd here are the top features a next-gen remote-access solution should include:

  1. The ability to scale quickly and easily to thousands of users/devices, without backhauling traffic and hindering user productivity.
  2. Support for BYOD so that remote workers do not need to rely on company-issued devices to work securely from home or anywhere.
  3. Support for multi-factor authentication and device authentication for robust security.
  4. Encryption of all network traffic, recording, and monitoring of remote sessions.
  5. The ability to automate infrastructure and endpoint software updates.
  6. Monitor security and compliance.
  7. Support for SSO to enforce the company’s password policy through directory services.
  8. The ability for IT to easily access audit trail, session recording, file transfer management (i.e., the ability to disable and enable file transfer), and other manageability controls.
  9. High performance and ease of use.
  10. A consistent remote-access experience across popular operating systems and devices.
  11. An on-demand subscription model and pay-as-you-go services.

Thankfully, Splashtop delivers on all these needs. Our remote access solutions are designed specifically to enable businesses to solve their long term working-from-home needs. Learn more here.

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