How to Remotely Access an iPhone from a Computer

Learn how to remotely access an iPhone from a computer with Splashtop. Use it to view the iPhone’s screen in real-time and provide remote support.

The iPhone has become an essential tool for many of us, who rely on them for work or school. Over 1 billion iPhones are actively used worldwide. In light of this, it’s imperative for IT teams to provide timely and effective support to iPhone users.

IT remote support software has made it possible to remotely access a device and provide support, reducing costs and time to resolution. However, remote support solutions don’t always support a wide range of devices. With so many people using their own devices for work, it’s critical that your remote access solution supports a wide range of devices—including iPhones.

Thankfully, Splashtop remote support software makes it incredibly easy to remotely access an iPhone from a computer. You can support any iPhone from anywhere, even without prior setup.

How can you remotely access an iPhone from a computer?

With Splashtop in hand, you’ll be able to access any iPhone in just a few steps.

Step 1: When an end-user requests assistance, direct them to the iOS App Store and have them download the SOS app onto their iPhone (p.s. you can custom brand the SOS app).

Step 2: Once downloaded, direct the user to open the SOS app and generate a 9-digit session code.

Step 3: Enter the session code into the Splashtop app on your computer and start the session. Voila, you’re connected!

From there you can remotely view the iPhone screen on your computer to help troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

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Splashtop is the #1 solution for remotely accessing iPhones from computers. Here are a few reasons why users rate Splashtop as the best solution:

  • It’s secure
  • It’s easy to use (for both technicians and end-users)
  • It’s easy to deploy and manage

“Splashtop SOS is easy for support people and supported users alike. Simple to install, intuitive UI. Super-fast screen rendering too, compared to AnyDesk and TeamViewer.” – Alan Adler, Standout Designs

See for yourself why IT pros love Splashtop.

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