ConnectWise Control Price Increase

ConnectWise Control recently raised the price of their unattended “Access” product. Get all the top features, better performance, and a better customer experience with Splashtop

ConnectWise Control Access Price Increase

ConnectWise has recently raised the price of the ConnectWise Control Access product. The Access package is designed to give users unattended remote access to their managed computers. The package is priced per the number of computers you need access to. Now the starting price is listed at $30/month for 25 computers (or $360/year, as ConnectWise Control Access plans are billed annually).

That’s a 20% price increase for the starting tier. For other tiers, the price increased by as much as 275%! That’s more than triple the original price.

ConnectWise Control Access Price Increase

As you can see below, the pricing for packages with more computers saw the biggest increases. Here’s a look at how the annual price per year increased for ConnectWise Control Access:

Number of Computers ConnectWise Control Access OLD Price ConnectWise Control Access NEW Price Percent Increase
25 $300 $360 20%
100 $600 $1,200 100%
250 $840 $2,400 186%
500 $1,260 $4,500 257%
750 $1,716 $6,300 267%
1000 $1,920 $7,200 275%

Update: 2022 ConnectWise Control Support Price Increase

In mid-2022, ConnectWise increased the price of their ConnectWise Control Support Plans including the One, Standard and Premium plans. The price increases of up to 17.2% were applied to all monthly and annual plans. Meanwhile, the comparable Splashtop plans had no price increases in 2022.

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