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Splashtop New Features

Splashtop New Features – August 2018, Including Multi-To-Multi Monitor

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Here are some new features and products that were introduced the week of August 20, 2018 in the release.

Most of these features require updating to the latest Splashtop apps and streamers. The updated Splashtop apps and streamers will roll out via auto update, check for updates, or update notifications over the coming weeks. You can also get them at

Please note that features vary by product. In many cases you can upgrade to the latest versions, higher editions, or purchase additional subscriptions via an upgrade button or Subscriptions page of your console. Contact Sales at or our

Sales - +1.408.886.7177
(7:30am-5pm PT, Mon-Fri) if you need assistance.

Multi-to-Multi Monitor

One of the most exciting new capabilities (available in certain products/editions*) is the ability to remotely view and control computers with multiple monitors by having the content of the remote monitors appear on multiple local monitors. This enables a user to remotely work with a multi-monitor system as if they were sitting in front of it.

Splashtop's Mac multi-to-multi monitor advantage: Other remote access solutions either don’t support this type of functionality between Macs or require opening a separate remote access session for each monitor. Splashtop provides a superior solution that delivers high performance remote access from Mac to Mac, Windows to Windows, and between Macs and Windows.

Learn more in the blog post (with videos) or support article.

*This feature is available in: Business Access Pro, Remote Support Plus and Premium, SOS (with mobile), SOS+10, SOS Unlimited.

*This feature is not available in other products including: Older Business Access (subscriptions before Aug 21, 2018), Business Access Solo, Splashtop Business for Remote Support, Remote Support MSP, Remote Support Basic, older SOS (subscriptions started before May 24, 2017), SOS bundled in Remote Support Plus/Premium, Personal, Enterprise, etc. See the info above on how to upgrade to an edition that includes this feature or contact us if you have any questions.

Show device name on computer list

See the original device name (host name) on the computer list.

In the Splashtop Business App, turn this feature on at View | Show Device Name.

The web console also displays the original device name.

This feature is available in most Splashtop subscriptions that use the Splashtop Business app.

Show compact view to list computers in a denser format

The new Compact View lets you see more computers on the screen at once.

Access this feature under View | Show Compact View in the Splashtop app.

This feature is available in most Splashtop subscriptions that use the Splashtop Business app.

Show Solid Color Background on Remote Computer Desktop

This feature blacks out the desktop background on the remote computer during the remote access session (instead of showing the desktop background/wallpaper). This can help improve performance in remote sessions over slower network connections.

Access this feature under File | Options | Show solid color background on remote computer desktop

Here's what it looks like with the solid color desktop background in a remote access session.

New Keyboard Shortcuts

These shortcuts are available in product editions where the related features are available.

When in a remote access session:

  • Switch to a specific monitor – Ctrl + Alt + the # of the monitor

  • Switch to next monitor – Ctrl + Alt + Right arrow

  • Switch to previous monitor – Ctrl + Alt + Left arrow

In the app

  • Expand All Groups – Alt + Win + Right arrow

  • Collapse All Groups – Alt + Win + Left arrow

New Splashtop Business Access Pro and Solo Editions

New Splashtop Business Access Pro and Splashtop Business Access Solo replaced old Splashtop Business Access as of August 21, 2018.

If you subscribed to Business Access before the new editions were released, you can continue with their current subscription, including renewing at the same price and adding team members. You may also want to upgrade your subscription to Business Access Pro to get new features. See the FAQ for previous Splashtop Business Access subscribers for more information.

Learn more about Splashtop Business Access Pro and Solo

Start a Business Access Pro trial

Two users can remote into one machine - Now available in Business Access Pro

Now two users can remote into and control the same computer, at the same time! Remotely access a computer together with another user. Two of you simply connect as you normally would from your respective Splashtop Business apps.

This feature was previously added to Splashtop Remote Support Plus, SOS+10, and SOS Unlimited. It is now also available in Business Access Pro. It requires at least two user licenses on the account.

New Remote Support Premium Edition

With this release, we introduced a new addition to the Splashtop Remote Support family called Remote Support Premium.

Remote Support Premium includes everything in Remote Support Plus with additional exclusive features like configurable alerts, event logs, remote command, system inventory and update management. Other features are coming soon including antivirus integration. The planned antivirus integration is with a leading third party antivirus solution. There will be an additional subscription cost for the antivirus service.

Learn more about Remote Support Premium features

Start a Remote Support Premium trial

Additional Updates and Fixes

These updates and fixes are available in product editions where the related features are available.

  • The File Transfer feature now supports transferring files larger than 4GB

  • Chat improvements and fixes.

  • SOS reboot and reconnect improvements and fixes.

  • Various bug fixes.


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