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Working Remotely

The Quickest Way to Enable Remote Work

By Splashtop Team
4 minute read


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While 78% of CEOs believe that remote work is a permanent fixture for today’s organizations, many teams within medium and large organizations have not yet implemented a long-term remote work solution, fearing it will take too long for approval and deployment. Following are the most common reasons our customers cited for not yet having a permanent remote work solution (before they deployed Splashtop):

  • “I don’t want to go through the enterprise purchase process”

  • “I worry about a complex implementation process”

  • “A simple solution probably lacks enterprise quality and security”

  • “An enterprise-quality solution will complicate and hurt user productivity”

In nearly every case, customers were unaware how fast and easy remote work deployment can be, because they were viewing it through the lens of using traditional solutions like virtual private networks (VPNs), not via next-gen remote access software. Remote access software, particularly the designed-for-consumers type, provides the quickest path to getting up and running with secure remote work. In most cases, you can have it fully deployed within a few hours.

NOT an enterprise purchase

Splashtop remote access solutions are designed to provide the combination of easy scalability and consumer-like usability for any organization’s users, whether they be line-of-business employees, students, IT staff, or others. The technology is ideal for any number of users, from just 1 to thousands simultaneously. For example, our most popular solution among small and medium-sized businesses (or small teams within enterprises) is Splashtop Business Access Pro. You can try it for free, and setup takes just a few clicks. For approximately $8 per month per user, individuals and small teams can enable each user to access up to 10 computers. Moreover, they can do pretty much anything they need to be productive, including:

  • View multiple remote monitors simultaneously

  • Allow two users to remote into the same computer

  • Share their desktops via web linking

  • Chat

  • Record sessions

  • Perform remote wake and reboot

There’s simply no sense in getting bogged down in a high-priced, enterprise-wide purchasing process.

Ultra-easy deployment

Our existing customers were incredibly surprised with the ease of their Splashtop deployments. Some took just a couple of hours. Those deploying for dispersed teams using other complex software tools still only needed a day or two. That’s due to Splashtop’s simple, 3-step deployment process. Here are the three steps:

  1. Create and invite users by inputting their email addresses.

  2. Install the Splashtop Business app on the devices they want to remote from (or users can download the app themselves from their device’s app store or from

  3. Install the Splashtop streamer on each computer accessed. Users log in and connect to their desktop!

Here’s what one customer, TechCastles, had to say about their Splashtop deployment to 150 computers:

“We were able to deploy Splashtop to 150 computers almost immediately…just click, drag, and drop email addresses to enter people into the system.” - Margaret Chu, Partner at TechCastles

Large enterprise quality

Once Splashtop is installed, users can easily access all of your organization’s desktop applications and data anywhere, anytime and from any device. That includes mobile devices and other devices which are allowed under BYOD (bring your own device) policies. BYOD simplifies the early stages of establishing a remote workplace by allowing people to work on any device they choose.

Equally important, there is no need to re-engineer applications to have them work on mobile devices – a common fault with other remote access solutions. Whether users are frontline employees or business professionals, they can work with 3D graphics, HD video and other apps that were previously impossible to use on anything but desktop computers.

Additional features speak to the enterprise-grade quality of Splashtop Business Access Pro, including:

  • High performance – 4k streaming at frame rates up to 60 per second

  • iMac Pro Retina 5k streaming at low latency

  • Configurable settings for optimal performance

  • Optimized encoding/decoding engine leveraging the latest acceleration from AMD and NVIDIA

Consumer grade technology with enterprise grade security

Since Splashtop remote access solutions were designed from the outset for consumers, they provide special user productivity features that go beyond normal business demands. The intuitive menu interface delivers a native application experience, while customizable shortcuts provide users with fast access to application features.

Additional user experience features include a whiteboard that allows users to annotate over content and the ability to perform file transfer, remote print and other in-session actions.

From a security standpoint, Splashtop customers and users are continuously protected, and the corporate network is never exposed. When users remotely access their computer or workstation, they enter via a special Splashtop connection that is not part of the corporate network. You also have the choice to enable or disable both file transfer and print functions.

All Splashtop remote access options deliver a wealth of security features, such as device authentication, two-factor authentication (2FA), single sign-on (SSO) and more.


As many organizations large and small have learned, deploying high-quality applications with consumer-grade simplicity (think Zoom and Splashtop) brings tremendous productivity benefits. If you want to establish a fast and easy way to give your employees the option of remote work, nothing can be easier than adopting Splashtop today. You can have everyone up and running by the end of the week!

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