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Students remotely accessing on-campus lab computers using Splashtop's unattended remote access
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Video: Enable Students to Access On-Campus Lab Computers from Home

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Remote access is one of the hottest topics in the world today, especially for colleges and universities. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the demand from schools is only increasing, as many of them need a way for students to remotely access lab computers.

Enable Students to Access On-Campus Lab Computers from Home with Splashtop Remote Access
Enable Students to Access On-Campus Lab Computers from Home with Splashtop Remote Access

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Splashtop enables students to access lab computers remotely, successfully helping schools make effective distance learning possible. Both instructors and students love Splashtop’s high performance remote connections, and how easy it is to use!

Splashtop is helping hundreds of universities today with unattended remote access using one of its core capabilities, cross device connectivity. Students can seamlessly control Windows, Linux, and Mac lab computers from any personal computer, tablet, or mobile device (including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook).

With Splashtop, students at home or any other location can access school lab computers without anyone being present on-campus. No matter where they are, students will still be able to stream video and audio (even audio from remote Macs), gain mouse and keyboard control, and use all the applications on the lab computer. This allows students to leverage their schools’ high-performance lab computers, and work on apps such as Adobe Suite as if they were sitting right in front of that machine.

Splashtop’s remote lab solution also provides a centralized admin console, making it very easy to manage and scale. Splashtop’s secure infrastructure, intrusion prevention, and multiple features keep your data safe. Other features such as two-factor verification and device authentication enable users to optimize the security of their accounts.

How Splashtop for Lab Computers Works

There are two main components of Splashtop’s remote access solution:

The Splashtop Business Application

This app is installed on all student devices. Once logged in, students will see a list of computers that they can connect to, and view which computers are online or offline. With just one click, they will have complete access to that lab computer, and can take control as if they were sitting right in front of it.

Students will have options such as full screen, original size, high frame rate (to optimize for audio/video applications they may be running), and many more. Some other features include file transfer, chat, remote wake, and record session.

The Splashtop Streamer

This easy to deploy streamer runs as a service and is installed on all of the lab computers. IT admins are able to see, group, and manage all school computers, users, and the devices they’re remoting from. Here, admins can also set access permissions, check session histories, view all student sessions and their durations, and even export these sessions.

Under the management tab, admins can create groups of computers (either lab groups or user groups) and control which computer/groups of computers students have access to. One key feature that schools love is that instructors can be set as group admins, allowing them to control specific groups of computers.

Visit and chat with us, call us, and book a demo. We would love to learn more about your use case, make sure Splashtop is the right fit for your current set up, and help find the perfect Splashtop solution for your school.

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