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Splashtop and Wacom Join Forces to Optimize Remote Workflows for Creatives

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Splashtop and Wacom have partnered to provide a smooth, productive remote workflow for post-production artists.

Remote workflows are a hot topic, and for good reason. In 2020, studios had to quickly adopt remote work as a band-aid solution to lockdowns and closed offices. More than a year later, it's still a necessity but the focus has shifted from adopting remote work, to optimizing the remote workflow.

Since the pandemic, studios around the world—including Lexhag, Company 3 Toronto, and Boxel—have all moved to a remote or flexible workflow. In fact, post-production for some of our favorite shows and movies has been done remotely (i.e. Superman & Lois, Poldark, and The Expanse). The benefits of remote work range from better work/life balance to world-wide hiring, and increased collaboration with global employees and contractors.

It hasn’t been the easiest transition, though. Creators require specialized hardware, high processing power, large amounts of storage, various plug-ins, and desktop applications that aren’t cloud-based yet. On top of that, latency and synching issues have been a constraint for remote workflows. In order to address these issues, Splashtop and Wacom have partnered to optimize remote workstations.

Leveraging a Powerful Workstation from Any Device Anywhere

Splashtop’s remote access software enables creators to leverage their powerful workstations from any device anywhere. It’s easy to deploy and decreases latency when working remotely with post-production tools like Wacom pen tablets and displays. In fact, Splashtop announced increased speeds of up to 60 fps at Adobe Max 2021. All this while supporting the pressure, orientation, tilt, and size of the stylus pen, making artists feel like they’re sitting right at their workstation.

Wacom is a global leader in the pen display and tablet market. Their devices recreate a true pen-on-paper feel for artists. Their customers require high-performance tools to achieve their demanding workflows. Any sort of latency—common in remote work—can hinder their overall productivity.

This is why Splashtop and Wacom work so well together. Creators don’t have to compromise on flexibility or the quality of their remote workstation.

Today’s Creatives Need a Portable Workspace: Splashtop and Wacom Offer a Solution

With the shift to remote and flexible work, creators are adapting tools to reflect a more portable workspace. While in-studio space may allow for a large Wacom Cintiq Pro 27”, the more compact size of the Wacom Cintiq 16” may be better for editing video from a home office. Especially if space is limited.

For the optimum remote work experience, creators in the media and entertainment space are turning to the newest generation of Wacom products. This includes the Intuos Pro pen tablet and Cintiq Pro pen display, both work seamlessly with Splashtop.

“Artists using Wacom devices in post-production workflows are able to use Splashtop to securely and seamlessly connect to on-premise or cloud environments to work with programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, etc. Artists can seamlessly leverage the powerful features of Wacom Cintiq Pro and Wacom Intuos Pro to edit, composite, and create visual effects productively while they’re away from the office – a big plus for today’s remote-friendly workplace.” - Wacom

Adobe is Hooked on Splashtop Too

Adobe Video’s Head of Strategic Development, Dave Helmly, and Sr. Technical Sales Manager, Karl Soule, started using Splashtop to access their office computers remotely while traveling. They were so impressed after using it internally, that they started to recommend Splashtop to their customers.

Adobe users work with large amounts of storage, petabytes of footage, and creative devices like Wacom. Editors in particular have a need for high-performance remote sessions with strong A/V sync. Splashtop enables them to securely access their existing hardware, archives and infrastructure from home without compromising user experience

“[For video editors] it’s crucial to have something that is responsive. Something that keeps the A/V sync in line. Splashtop excels at doing that.” - Karl Soule, Sr. Technical Sales Manager for Adobe Video

Boxel Studio Shifts to Flexible Work Using Splashtop

In an effort to cultivate work/life balance, Boxel Studio implemented “in-studio home office" to give their employees more flexibility (pre-pandemic). As they were figuring out the logistics of remote work, Chief Technology officer, Andres Reyes, had one question on his mind:

“How can we allow our artists, collaborators, and other team members to work from home while accessing our secure infrastructure and specialized workstations?”

The answer? Splashtop Enterprise. Boxel Studio artists leverage Splashtop’s USB Device Redirection feature to use their own local Wacom pen tablet throughout the remote connection. With Splashtop, they work as if they’re directly connected to their office workstation.

Increase Productivity with a Powerful Remote Workflow

Splashtop’s remote desktop software paired with Wacom tablets optimize post-production remote workflows. With this partnership, creatives can enjoy increased productivity, decreased latency and studio-like workstations at home.

Optimize your remote workflow with Splashtop Enterprise.

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