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Splashtop Business and Remote Support Updates - Dec. 2017

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Here's an update on some features recently added to Splashtop Business Access and Remote Support. We hope you find them useful as you remotely access or support computers over the holiday season.

Recently Added to Splashtop Business Access and Remote Support

Remote reboot

(available in Splashtop Business Access and Splashtop Remote Support - Plus)

Remotely reboot the PC into safe mode, perform a normal reboot, or restart just the streamer. Now from the native Splashtop Business app.

In the Splashtop Business app, just click on the gear icon next to the computer. Then you'll see the following reboot options:

More actions from within Splashtop Business app

In the above dialog box, there are other actions you can take directly from within the app, to save you a trip to the web console:

  • Edit computer name

  • See and edit your personal note for the computer

  • See streamer version, IP address, time of last session, etc.

  • Delete computer

  • Wake computer

  • Clear saved credentials

  • And more

View RDP sessions

(available in Splashtop Business Access and Splashtop Remote Support - Plus)

When remoting into a Windows Server, you'll always see the console session first.

Now, you'll have the additional option of switching to one of the active RDP sessions, for the case when you need to support users in those RDP sessions.

The Splashtop Business toolbar will show a dropdown menu of active RDP sessions, if any.

Looking forward to 2018 

Over the next few months, we'll be adding the ability for multiple technicians to connect into the same machine, multi-monitor to multi-monitor, a portable Splashtop Business app, and more. See more of what we have planned.

Thank you for your continued support.

- The Splashtop Team

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