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Splashtop team presenting remote support tools at SpiceWorld 2019 event

Splashtop at SpiceWorld 2019 – Review

By Splashtop Team
3 minute read


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Splashtop was a sponsor of Spiceworks’ annual conference, SpiceWorld 2019, this past week. Here’s what we heard from IT and service desk pros!

Splashtop was a sponsor of SpiceWorld 2019 in Austin, TX last week (September 2019). We met with hundreds of IT and service desk / help desk professionals. Many are responsible for managing and supporting their internal users and devices. Others came from MSPs providing support to their clients. They work in industries including tech, education, and managed services.

We learned a lot about their businesses and the challenges they face. We spent our time at SpiceWorld educating attendees about the benefits of our remote support solutions. Many were already Splashtop users and gave us rave reviews!

Here’s a look at what we learned from the attendees at SpiceWorld, and why they were most excited about continuing with Splashtop or trying it for the first time.

What is SpiceWorld?

SpiceWorld is an annual conference hosted by Spiceworks. Spiceworks is known for their extensive IT community that features 20 million users. The annual SpiceWorld conference gives their IT community a chance to gather, attend sessions with industry experts, and meet the with companies offering innovative solutions to IT pros.

What SpiceWorld Attendees Said at The Splashtop Booth

We asked attendees about their IT teams, the tools they use, and the obstacles they faced. Here are the problems many IT teams and MSPs were facing:

  • Most said they were paying too much money for their remote support tool. And many complained that they had to pay more for those tools each year due to price increases.

  • Many found it challenging to be able to support all their endpoints with limited resources (including time, staff, and budget).

  • MSPs said that high remote support costs made it hard for them to add new customers and scale.

  • Most IT pros and MSPs said they needed both unattended and attended (quick support) remote support tools to adequately support their users. Many were purchasing multiple products to get everything they need.

What SpiceWorld Attendees Loved About Splashtop

We showcased our IT remote access solutions, Remote Support and SOS, to attendees at SpiceWorld. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Those using other support tools like TeamViewer, LogMeIn, and GoToAssist loved the fact that Splashtop was 50% to 80% less than the products they were currently using.

  • They also liked that Splashtop doesn’t have a history of price increases. In fact, when you purchase Splashtop your renewal cost is locked in.

  • Those who already used Splashtop mentioned that the low cost made it easier for them to meet demands, or even add new endpoints/customers to grow their businesses.

  • They liked that Remote Support, SOS+10, and SOS Unlimited enable them to have both unattended and attended remote access in one solution. For unattended, they can install an agent on the remote computer and connect at any time. For attended (on-demand) support, they can instantly connect to any device with a simple session code. No prior install necessary.

Learn More About Splashtop

It’s not hard to see why the SpiceHeads we met loved Splashtop. Learn more about our solutions for IT, help desks, and MSPs and get started today with a free trial!

Splashtop Remote Support

Best for MSPs and IT who want unattended remote access to their managed endpoints. Access your computers and servers from any device. Get unlimited technicians and concurrent connections. Save 50% when compared to TeamViewer and up to 80% less than LogMeIn Central.

Free Trial

Splashtop SOS

Best for service desk / help desk professionals. Support an unlimited number of devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. No prior install needed. Easily connect to your user’s device with a session code. Save at least 50% compared to TeamViewer and up to 80% compared to LogMeIn Rescue.

Free Trial

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