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Secure Remote Access - Why Splashtop is the Most Secure

By Splashtop Team
2 minute read


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Splashtop ensures that your users, data, and company are safe from external threats. See how Splashtop provides industry-leading remote access security.

Cyber-security is more critical than ever. Vulnerable companies fall victim every day to cybercriminals looking to steal data, cripple systems, or demand ransom.

With more people working remotely, you need a way to allow employees to access their work computers without compromising security.

This can also be said for IT, help desk teams, and managed service providers who need to access managed computers and personal devices to provide support. And for students who need to access school resources such as lab computers from home.

Remote access is an essential component of any work from home, remote support, or distance learning plan. But in addition to fast and reliable remote access, you need to ensure the tool your organization uses comes with the highest level of security.

Splashtop offers the most secure remote access software, and it used by thousands of organizations including government agencies, colleges, K-12 school districts, MSPs, and more.

What Makes Splashtop Secure?

Splashtop protects your network, data, and information with a secure infrastructure, intrusion prevention, and app security.

Secure Infrastructure

A secure infrastructure is one of the things that makes Splashtop the most secure remote access option. This means robust firewalls, data encryption, DDoS mitigation, and more help provide a secure computing environment.

Intrusion Prevention

Even the most secure cyber environments need to be on the lookout for intrusions. Splashtop has 24x7 intrusion detection and defense mechanisms. We also follow the latest industry standards for designing and maintaining our cloud environment for maximum security.

App Security

Splashtop’s remote access apps have multiple security layers, including device authentication, two-factor verification, and TLS (including TLS 1.2) and 256-bit AES encryption.

A Wide Range of Security Features

To keep your devices and data secure, Splashtop also features multi-level password security, screen auto-lock, session idle timeout, remote connection notification, proxy server authentication, and digitally signed applications.

All of these taken together mean that you can enjoy remote connections from personal devices to work computers without sacrificing security.

See all Splashtop security features

Try it for Yourself

See why major corporations, large banks, law enforcement, government agencies, local government, and government contractors trust Splashtop for secure remote access. Sign up for your free trial today. There is no credit card or commitment required, and you can be up and running in minutes.

Or, check out all Splashtop remote access solutions.

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