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Review of the Week - "Fantastic! Works seamlessly with Bluetooth keyboard."

By Splashtop Team


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5 stars by audiomechanicsFantastic!

Works seamlessly with Bluetooth keyboard.

I can now take my iPad with Logitech keyboard case on the road with me and connect to my computer at work with very little annoyances. It's as close to using a desktop computer as one can get on an iPad. There is even a "blank screen" feature that protects people at the office from seeing what you're doing while you're connected remotely. Just today I had to do some time sensitive work that could only be done from my office computer, but I couldn't get there... Splashtop to the rescue! The work got done just as fast as if I had been there, and I printed reports, etc. right to my assistant's printer. Fantastic! Thanks Splashtop! Five stars!

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