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Research Finds IT Security a Top Priority for Higher Ed

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Higher education institutions have found themselves navigating the intricate maze of innovation and cybersecurity. The academic realm, renowned for its open-access ethos and the free exchange of ideas, is grappling with a paradox: How to maintain its intrinsic values while safeguarding its digital assets?

Recent studies underscore a growing emphasis on IT security within higher education institutions. This blog dives into these recent findings, spotlighting the urgent need and strategic approaches for fortifying cybersecurity measures in academic settings amidst escalating threats and evolving digital landscapes.

The Escalating Threat Landscape in Higher Education

Navigating through the digital corridors of the 21st century, higher education institutions have inadvertently become a hotspot for cybercriminal activities. The allure of a wealth of sensitive data, coupled with often less fortified cyber defenses, has escalated the threat landscape to unprecedented levels within academic settings.

In 2021 alone, the education and research sectors witnessed a staggering 75% increase in cyberattacks, averaging 1,605 attacks per organization per week. This surge is not merely numerical but embodies a sophistication and strategic targeting that has left even the most prepared institutions vulnerable.

The cyberattacks are often meticulously planned and executed, exploiting technological and human vulnerabilities. Cyber threats are multifaceted and continually evolving, from ransomware attacks that paralyze entire IT infrastructures to phishing schemes that discreetly siphon off sensitive data.

The repercussions of cyberattacks transcend beyond immediate financial implications and technical disruptions. For instance, the FBI’s notification in May 2022 highlighted a chilling reality where sensitive login credentials of colleges and universities were found for sale online, opening the floodgates for potential subsequent cyberattacks.

Furthermore, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and ransomware can force institutions to a standstill, disrupting academic activities research projects and even leading to substantial reputational damage that can impact enrollment and partnerships for years.

The stakes are undeniably high. The data breaches compromise student and faculty data and research information, including sensitive and proprietary data from government agencies, the military, and private sector collaborators. The ripple effects of such breaches can permeate through various sectors of society, highlighting the criticality of fortifying cybersecurity within higher education.

A staggering 74% of attacks on colleges and universities have been successful, revealing a pressing need for fortified cybersecurity frameworks.

Higher education institutions are grappling with increased rates of successful attacks and face unique challenges in recovery. With 40% taking over a month to recover from an attack and only 2% of institutions having all data safely returned even after paying ransoms, the sector is in a precarious position that demands urgent and strategic interventions.

As a result of the increase in cyber threats, higher education leaders have listed security as a top priority.

Why Higher Education is a Prime Target for Cyberattacks

The confluence of rich, diverse data and an inherently open, collaborative environment renders higher education institutions particularly susceptible to cyber threats. Understanding why these institutions are prime targets is pivotal in crafting robust, effective cybersecurity strategies.

Wealth of Diverse Data

The multifaceted data encompassing students’ personal, medical, and financial information presents a lucrative target for cybercriminals, offering multiple avenues for exploitation and fraud.

Research universities, in particular, harbor data that spans government agencies, the military, and private sector collaborators, often involving sensitive, proprietary, or even classified information, making them a high-stakes target for cyber espionage and data theft.

Complexity and Openness of Educational Networks

Often operating with legacy systems due to budget constraints and a history of early internet adoption, universities may grapple with vulnerabilities intrinsic to outdated technologies and infrastructures.

The vast, sprawling networks of large campuses and a myriad of devices and IoT tools present numerous entry points and vulnerabilities for malicious actors to exploit.

Limited Budgets and Resources

Strained by often stringent budgets and a dependency on donor funds, educational institutions may find their cybersecurity frameworks competing for resources against other critical departments like academics and athletics.

The allocation of limited resources often leans towards immediate, visible needs, sometimes leaving cybersecurity to be retroactively addressed following incidents rather than proactively fortified.

The Role of Splashtop in Enhancing IT Security in Higher Education

In the intricate landscape of higher education cybersecurity, Splashtop emerges as a pivotal ally, providing institutions with advanced, user-friendly solutions designed to fortify IT security while facilitating seamless remote access. Let’s explore Splashtop' education solutions and how they are uniquely positioned to enhance IT security within higher education institutions.

Secure Remote Access Solutions

  • Secure Access: Splashtop provides secure remote access solutions, ensuring that users can connect to institutional resources securely from any location, safeguarded by robust encryption and multi-factor authentication.

  • Compliance Assurance: Ensuring that remote access is secure and compliant with relevant regulatory frameworks, Splashtop safeguards institutions against compliance breaches and associated repercussions.

  • Accessible Learning: By providing secure, reliable remote access to school computing resources, Splashtop ensures that hybrid learning environments are not only flexible and accessible but also secure.

Enhancing IT Management and Support

  • Remote IT Support: Splashtop enables IT teams to provide remote support to students, faculty, and staff, ensuring that IT issues can be resolved promptly without compromising security.

  • Secure IT Management: IT teams can manage institutional IT resources, perform maintenance, and address issues securely from any location, ensuring uninterrupted, secure operations.

Empowering Faculty and Staff

  • Secure Remote Work: Faculty and staff can access their work resources securely from any location, ensuring continuity of administrative and academic work while maintaining cybersecurity.


The intersection of technological advancements and the escalating cyber threat landscape presents a complex, multifaceted challenge for higher education institutions. Balancing academia's open, collaborative ethos with the imperative to safeguard sensitive data and systems necessitates a nuanced, comprehensive approach to cybersecurity.

The path forward involves robust technological solutions, organizational strategies, and a pervasive culture of cybersecurity awareness.

Splashtop emerges as a strategic partner in this journey, providing higher education institutions with secure, flexible, and user-friendly remote access solutions that do not compromise security or compliance. From facilitating secure hybrid learning environments to empowering IT teams and ensuring seamless, secure operations, Splashtop’s suite of solutions is designed to navigate the unique challenges and requirements of the higher education sector.

Connect with Us to explore how Splashtop can enhance IT security within your institution, ensuring you can confidently navigate the future of higher education.

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