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Working Remotely

How to Support Remote Employees

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In today’s rapidly evolving work environment, supporting remote employees has become critical to business success. The shift towards remote and hybrid work has highlighted the need for effective strategies and tools to ensure that remote employees remain engaged, productive, and satisfied with their work.

As organizations navigate this new landscape, it is essential to leverage the right strategies and technology to address the unique challenges of remote work.

In this blog, we will explore these strategies in detail and demonstrate how Splashtop remote access software can be pivotal in supporting remote employees and ensuring they thrive in a remote work environment.

1 - Regular Check-ins and Communication

Maintaining regular check-ins and effective communication with remote employees is crucial for their engagement and productivity. Structured and frequent check-ins allow managers to address any issues promptly and ensure that employees feel supported and connected to the team.

According to research from Harvard Business School, employees who have regular meetings with their managers are three times more engaged than those who do not. These meetings provide an opportunity for employees to share their progress, discuss challenges, and receive feedback, which helps them stay on track and feel valued.

Face-to-face communication, even if virtual, is significantly more effective than emails or phone calls. Studies have shown that video communication is 34 times more effective than email correspondence.

To ensure that communication is effective, it should be structured and consistent. Managers should establish a regular schedule for one-on-one meetings and team check-ins. This consistency helps employees know when they can expect to discuss their work and receive support. Additionally, setting clear agendas for these meetings ensures that all necessary topics are covered, making the meetings more productive.

2 - Leveraging Technology

In the era of remote work, leveraging the right technology is crucial for maintaining productivity, collaboration, and engagement among remote employees. With the appropriate tools, remote teams can communicate effectively, manage projects efficiently, and access necessary resources seamlessly.

Essential Tools for Remote Work

Utilizing a suite of collaboration tools is essential for remote teams. Platforms like Slack, Trello, and Zoom have become indispensable for facilitating communication, project management, and virtual meetings.

Reliable Remote Access Solutions

One of the biggest challenges remote employees face is accessing the same resources they would have in the office. This includes important files, software, and systems that are essential for their daily tasks.

Splashtop offers powerful remote access solutions that allow employees to connect to their work computers from anywhere securely. This ensures that they have access to all necessary resources without any disruptions, thereby maintaining their productivity and efficiency

Security is a major concern for remote work, especially when dealing with sensitive company data. Splashtop provides robust security features, including encrypted connections, multi-factor authentication, and remote session monitoring, to ensure that remote access is secure and compliant with industry standards. This level of security helps protect both the company’s data and the privacy of employees, giving peace of mind to all stakeholders involved.

Continuous Improvement and Adaptation

As technology evolves, it is important for organizations to continuously assess and adapt their remote work tools and strategies. This includes staying updated with the latest features and improvements offered by platforms like Splashtop, as well as integrating new tools that can further enhance remote work efficiency and collaboration. By remaining adaptable and open to innovation, organizations can ensure that their remote work infrastructure remains robust and effective.

3 - Promoting Health and Well-being

Supporting the health and well-being of remote employees is crucial for maintaining a productive and engaged workforce. Remote work can sometimes lead to physical inactivity, mental health challenges, and a blurred work-life balance. Here are some strategies to promote the health and well-being of remote employees, with an emphasis on how Splashtop can play a role in this effort:

  • Encouraging Physical Activity: Organizations can encourage physical activity by offering wellness stipends that cover expenses such as gym memberships, fitness classes, and home exercise equipment.

  • Supporting Mental Health: Employers can support mental health by sharing resources such as counseling services, mental health apps, and employee assistance programs (EAPs). Regular check-ins and creating a supportive work environment where employees feel comfortable discussing their mental health are also crucial.

  • Creating Ergonomic Home Office Setups: Providing stipends or reimbursements for ergonomic office furniture, such as adjustable chairs, desks, and proper lighting, can help employees create a workspace that reduces physical strain and enhances productivity.

  • Promoting Work-Life Balance: Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is one of the biggest challenges for remote employees. Flexible working hours and clear boundaries between work and personal time are vital.

  • Providing Health and Wellness Programs: Comprehensive health and wellness programs can significantly enhance the well-being of remote employees. These programs can include health insurance benefits, wellness challenges, virtual fitness classes, and mindfulness sessions.

4 - Establishing Clear Expectations and Goals

Setting clear expectations and goals is essential for remote employees to understand their responsibilities and stay motivated. Without face-to-face supervision, remote workers can sometimes feel disconnected from their team and unclear about what is expected of them.

Managers should ensure that each remote employee understands their roles and responsibilities and the specific tasks they need to accomplish. Regularly discussing job expectations helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures everyone is aligned with the company’s objectives.

5 - Providing Comprehensive Technical Support

Ensuring remote employees have access to comprehensive support is essential for maintaining their productivity. Remote employees rely heavily on technology to perform their duties, and technical issues can significantly hinder their productivity. Providing robust technical support is crucial for addressing these issues promptly.

This can include IT support teams, helpdesk services, and user-friendly remote support solutions like Splashtop. With Splashtop, IT teams can remotely access and troubleshoot employees’ devices, ensuring that technical problems are resolved quickly and efficiently. IT teams can also remotely monitor and manage endpoints using Splashtop.

6 - Encouraging Social Interaction

Maintaining social interaction among remote employees is essential for fostering a sense of community, reducing feelings of isolation, and boosting overall morale. Remote work can make it challenging to create meaningful connections, but with the right strategies and tools, organizations can effectively encourage social interaction.

Organizing virtual team-building activities is a great way to foster connections among remote employees. These activities range from online games and virtual happy hours to collaborative projects and team challenges. Regularly scheduled team-building events help employees bond and build relationships beyond work-related tasks.

Creating opportunities for informal interactions is important for building camaraderie among remote employees. Virtual coffee breaks, casual chat channels on platforms like Slack, and informal video calls can mimic the spontaneous conversations that happen in an office setting. Encouraging employees to engage in non-work-related conversations helps them get to know each other personally, fostering a sense of belonging.

Virtual events and celebrations are excellent ways to unite remote teams and recognize achievements. Celebrating birthdays, work anniversaries, and project milestones virtually helps maintain team spirit and shows employees that their contributions are valued. Events like virtual award ceremonies, talent shows, and holiday parties can also add a fun and engaging element to remote work life.


Supporting remote employees requires a comprehensive approach that addresses their communication needs, leverages the right technology, promotes their health and well-being, sets clear expectations and goals, provides comprehensive support, and encourages social interaction. By implementing these strategies, organizations can ensure their remote teams remain engaged, productive, and satisfied.

Splashtop is pivotal in this endeavor by offering robust remote access tools that facilitate seamless and secure access to resources. With Splashtop, employees can work from anywhere, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and stay connected with their colleagues, making it an invaluable tool for remote work.

Start your free trial today to enhance your remote work strategy and experience Splashtop's benefits firsthand.

Trevor Jackins Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Splashtop
Trevor Jackins
Trevor Jackins is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Splashtop. He’s also a passionate user of Splashtop’s remote access software as he uses it to remote into his office computer to work from home! Trevor’s excitement for Splashtop stems from his interest in how technology can improve our daily lives.
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