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See Splashtop at Freshworks' Experience IT Online Event

By Splashtop Team


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30+ industry leaders and technology visionaries come together in an insightful video interview series at Experience IT, hosted by Freshworks. Join Splashtop at the event to explore the evolution of user behavior, the significance of designing IT services that interact with humans, and the benefits of delivering world-class experiences.

This is an online event, with free registration. Once you register, you will gain access to view all the interviews on-demand starting March 26th. You can watch them at your leisure.

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Event format

The agenda and topics are designed by a panel of ITSM experts. Topics include:

  • Experience-as-a-Service (EAAS) - Going back to the core

  • Unlocking the reality of AI, and its growing value

  • Automation as a lever to amplify the best of human capability

  • Anytime, anywhere - creating an omnichannel service delivery experience

These topics and more will be covered across 3 tracks:

Track 1: IT Strategy Essentials

Track 2: Humanizing IT

Track 3: Unlocking IT Potential


On behalf of Splashtop, Phil Sheu, Co-Founder and CTO, will talk to us about building an omnichannel service delivery experience for customers, and how his team does it.

You would also witness a few of HDI's Top 25 Thought Leaders in Technical Support and Service Management for 2020 along with other experts in the industry:

  1. Paul Wilkinson

  2. Claire Agutter

  3. Dave Snowden

  4. Karen Ferris

  5. Stuart Rance

  6. Doug Tedder

  7. Suzanne van Hove

  8. Greg Sanker

  9. Suzanne Van Hove

  10. Mark Smalley, and many more!

Register now and participate in the event at no cost!

The Freshworks-Splashtop Partnership

In addition to being Freshworks’ joint go-to-market partner, Splashtop also offers integration with Freshworks. Freshdesk and Freshservice users can launch an attended remote control/remote access/remote support session from within their ticket. During the session, users can securely take control of their user’s computer with a simple code, and perform actions like file transfer, remote reboot, blank screen, share desktop, chat, session recording and more! Once the session is complete, session details are automatically logged in the ticket.

Learn about Splashtop integration with Freshworks Freshservice

Learn about Splashtop integration with Freshworks Freshdesk

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