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Front perspective of Confederation College
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Confederation College Offers 24/7 Remote Computer Labs

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Wishes do come true! In fact, Confederation College got a whole lot more than what they wished for.

As educational institutions around the world scrambled for turn-key remote education solutions last year, Confederation College implemented Splashtop to give students 24/7 access to lab computers remotely, and to enable IT to remotely support student and faculty devices. After seeing the many ways the students, faculty, and IT team benefitted from having Splashtop, they decided to keep it as a permanent solution.

In this testimonial, Jason Deadman, Computer Services Helpdesk Tech, shares the reasons why they love Splashtop and want to keep leveraging it to enhance students’ learning experiences:

  • Students can easily access and control remote lab computers from anywhere, at any time, and feel as if they were sitting in front of it

  • Students can remotely control lab computers from any device, including mobile phones, tablets, and Chromebooks

  • IT can provide on-demand remote support to student and faculty devices (even their personal devices) whenever they need help

“We tried a couple of different products and ended up with Splashtop, which had the best features set for us. We wanted to give the students direct access like they were at the lab.” -Jason Deadman, Confederation College

Confederation College is able to offer more to the students than they could before the pandemic

Students are no longer limited to in person computer labs during campus hours. The added flexibility in being able to access lab computers from anywhere and anytime improves the learning experiences of students at the college.

“I think we going to keep this (Splashtop) on for the long term. It seems like it's going to be a good solution for people working at home, they don't have to physically come in if they don’t want to or they can't. It gives us the ability to have access for people who have medical issues. There are tons of cases where people can't come in. We haven't had that tool to be able to access the computers anytime. With the adding of Splashtop, it gives us the ability to have 24 hour access.” -Jason Deadman, Confederation College

But don’t just take their word for it

See for yourself how Splashtop offers the best value remote access solutions for education. Enable lab computers to be accessible to students from anywhere, anytime. Remotely support any school, student, or faculty device.

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