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How to Set Up Remote Desktop

See how you can quickly set up Splashtop remote desktop software to start remotely accessing your computers from any other device.

Please note that if you're using Splashtop within your organization’s Splashtop account, your IT administrator will send you instructions on how to get set up.

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Step 1: Create Your Splashtop Account

First, you’ll need to create your Splashtop account. You can create your user account by starting a free trial of Splashtop Business Access. There is no credit card or commitment required to create your account and start your free trial!

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Splashtop Business has been installed on the devices you want to connect from

Step 2: Download the Splashtop Business App on the Devices You Want to Remote from

Download the Splashtop Business App on any computer, tablet, or mobile device you want to use to access your remote computers. The app is available for WindowsMac, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Chromebook.

Splashtop Streamer has been installed on the device you want to connect into

Step 3: Install the Splashtop Streamer on the Computers You Want to Remotely Access and Control

Deploy the Splashtop Streamer to the Windows, Mac or Linux computers you want to remotely access. You can do so in two ways:

1. You can create a deployment link from the Splashtop web console and send the download link to the computers you want to access. Once that link is opened on the computer, the streamer will be download and connect to your account.

2. If you have a Splashtop Business Access subscription, you can download the Login Streamer on the computer you want to access and enter your username and password to connect the computer to your account.

Launching a remote connection from the Splashtop Business App

Step 4: Launch a Remote Connection from the Splashtop Business App

With the Splashtop Streamer and Splashtop Business App installed, you will be able to use the app anytime to launch a remote desktop connection! When you open the app, you’ll see a list of all the computers that have your Splashtop Streamer installed. These are the computers you have access to. Simply click the computer you want to access to initiate the remote connection.

Get Started with Splashtop Remote Desktop Software

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