Instantly Mobilize Your Workforce, with Distributed PCs and Affordable VDI

According to CompTIA’s recent survey, to support BYOD, many companies are exploring/implementing virtual desktop (49%), outshining building custom mobile apps for business systems (29%) and moving business apps to Webapps (28%).

These companies are also learning that VDI is costly and complex to implement. Enter Splashtop Enterprise, which leverages existing PCs and servers to deliver apps and data in a fast, simple, and secure way to mobile workforces. Splashtop with SplashApp technology is the bridge that extends existing distributed PCs and centralized servers to mobile. It fully integrates with Microsoft RDS (formerly Terminal Services) and RemoteApp, meaning that any Windows applications can be delivered to mobile devices through RDP protocol to deliver best-in-class WAN-optimized remote experience to any device (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 8, WinRT, Windows, MAC, etc.) Splashtop is the faster, simpler and affordable alternative to XenApp and XenDesktop and takes just 30 minutes to set up, pilot and deploy. Sign up for a free trial.