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Employee on a hybrid work schedule, working from home
Working Remotely

What is Hybrid Work?

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Hybrid work is all about giving employees flexibility and autonomy. Employees on a hybrid work schedule can work from home, the office, or anywhere in the world.

The shutdowns brought on by the pandemic proved that many office workers can be just as productive while working from home as they are while working at the office. Organizations and employees alike have also discovered several benefits that come with remote working.

So now that businesses are able to bring employees back to the office, the question is whether to go back to the old model of working in-person, or to continue leveraging remote work. After all, there are several pros and cons to both remote work and in-person work models.

The solution that many businesses are moving to is hybrid work. Hybrid work models are meant to get all the benefits out of both working in the office and working remotely.

Here’s a look at what hybrid work is, what the benefits of hybrid work are, and some tips on how to set up your organization for success when implementing a hybrid work model.

What is Hybrid Work?

Hybrid work is a model that gives employees the flexibility to work from anywhere. Employees can work from home, at the office, or anywhere else in the world. Organizations can set hybrid work schedules that outline the dates and times when employees are expected to work in the office, or they can give employees complete autonomy in choosing when and where they want to work.

What are the benefits of hybrid work?

When implemented correctly, hybrid work models can give employees and the organization as a whole several benefits.

Hybrid work benefits for employees

  • Increased flexibility: Employees can choose where to work and in some cases, when.

  • Better work-life balance: No more wasted hours commuting to and from the office, and employees are better able to manage work with other errands.

  • Improved satisfaction: Employees tend to be happier with more flexibility and autonomy in choosing where they work. Happier employees usually leads to better performance as well.

Hybrid work benefits for organizations

  • Reduced costs: Having employees work from home means less money is spent on renting, furnishing, and maintaining office space.

  • Recruit top applicants: Now that the work from home genie is out of the bottle, many workers are seeking out employers that offer hybrid work. Ensure your business can attract the best job seekers by offering hybrid work options.

  • Increased performance: Again, happier workers means better performance out of them. Plus, happier workers means less turnover.

How to successfully implement a hybrid work model

By clearly communicating your hybrid work policy and investing in tools your employees need to be productive from anywhere, you can ensure your business and workers get the most out of hybrid work!

Clearly communicate your hybrid work policy

Are employees required to come to the office certain days. Are there certain hours employees need to be available while working remotely? Make sure your employees know what is expected of them to prevent any problems from arising.

Enable your team to work remotely

There are many software tools out there that help remote workers stay productive. Collaboration, communication, and project management are few important tools for remote teams.

Another important tool is remote access, which can be used by employees to remotely access work computers from any device (giving them access to the files and applications only accessible on their work computers), and by IT to provide remote support to managed devices or to a remote worker’s device.

Learn more about Splashtop remote access for hybrid work

Splashtop offers several remote access and remote support solutions that enable organizations to successfully implement hybrid work environments. Splashtop enhances hybrid work as it gives remote workers the flexibility to reliably and securely access their office computing resources from anywhere, and from any of their personal devices!

Check out all Splashtop hybrid work solutions and try it for free!

Trevor Jackins Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Splashtop
Trevor Jackins
Trevor Jackins is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Splashtop. He’s also a passionate user of Splashtop’s remote access software as he uses it to remote into his office computer to work from home! Trevor’s excitement for Splashtop stems from his interest in how technology can improve our daily lives.
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