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IT technician multitasking on multiple Mac and Windows computers, efficiently performing IT tasks

Enhanced Remote Computer Support and Management Capabilities

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Splashtop has introduced new capabilities in Remote Support that enable you to execute IT tasks across multiple Mac and Windows computers simultaneously.

With Splashtop 1-to-Many you can do the following across multiple computers simultaneously:

  1. Deploy files (bat, cmd, exe, msi for Windows and pkg, sh for Mac)

  2. Execute remote command

  3. Execute scripts

  4. Perform system reboots

  5. Perform windows updates

You can either execute these 1-to-Many tasks instantly or schedule them to run at a later time. This enables you to rapidly execute routine IT tasks and manage your devices more efficiently, freeing up your time to take on more customers.

Watch how it works:

1-to-Many - Splashtop Remote Support Premium
1-to-Many - Splashtop Remote Support Premium

More about Splashtop Remote Support Premium

With the below features, Splashtop Remote Support enables its customers to manage updates to computers and monitor them proactively, while making sure compliance and security standards are met.

Remote Access

  • Unattended Access instantly to your managed computers.

  • In-session Features: Multi-to-multi monitor viewing, file transfer, session recording, chat, share my desktop, remote reboot, remote wake, remote print, and many more.

  • Unattended Android Access: Remote into Android devices including smartphones, tablets, rugged Android devices, POS devices, kiosks and set top boxes.

  • Reselling Remote Access or giving free remote access to your users so they can access their computers remotely.

Remote Computer Management

  • Windows Update Management: View, install and schedule updates on Windows computers.

  • Remote Command: Send command line or terminal commands to a remote Windows or Mac computer’s command prompt in the background.

  • 1-to-Many: Simplify endpoint management by instantly executing or scheduling tasks to multiple endpoints simultaneously. Includes mass deployment, remote command, script execution, system reboot, and Windows updates. Available for Windows and Mac.

Proactive Monitoring

  • Configurable Alerts: Set up alerts to monitor computer status, software installation, memory usage, and more. Receive alerts via the Splashtop web console and/or by email.

  • Alerts for Windows Events: Monitor Windows event logs by setting alerts that are generated when an event log’s criteria matches the triggers set by the admin.

  • View Event Logs: Get quick access to Windows event logs without remoting into the computer to view and troubleshoot.

  • Endpoint Security: View endpoint security protection status for Windows computers running Bitdefender, Windows Defender, Kaspersky, and more.

Audit & Compliance

  • System Inventory: View and compare snapshots of Windows/Mac hardware and software inventory. View change logs. Download system hardware and software inventory lists.

  • Secure Software: Industry standard TLS 1.2 with AES 256-bit encryption, Two-step verification/two-factor authentication, SOC 2, GDPR, support for HIPAA, PCI and other industry and government standards and regulations.

  • Activity Logging: Maintain a record all the remote sessions and activities.

Splashtop Remote Support is the #1 choice for MSPs.

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