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Splashtop New Features

Splashtop New Features May/June 2018

By Splashtop Team
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We've just added some great new Splashtop features and you can get them by updating your Splashtop Business app and streamer to the latest version (

"Idle since…"

Know if a computer is currently idle or if your client is actively using it. In the Splashtop Business app, click on the gear icon next to the computer to see its idle time. On the web console, mouse over the computer in the list.

Available in Splashtop Remote Support Basic, Remote Support Plus, Business Access, SOS+10, and SOS Unlimited

Chat before connecting to a machine

Want to check with your user to see if it's a good time to remote in? Now you can! Initiate a chat session to an online computer at any time, without being in a remote session. Look for the little "chat" button next to the computer in the Splashtop Business app.

Available in Splashtop Remote Support Plus, SOS+10, SOS Unlimited

Two technicians can remote into one machine

Now two technicians can remote into and control the same computer, at the same time! Troubleshoot your client's computer together with another technician. Two of you simply connect as you normally would from your respective Splashtop Business apps.

Available in Splashtop Remote Support Plus, SOS+10, and SOS Unlimited

Reboot and reconnect automaticallyDuring a remote attended session, you can reboot the computer and be reconnected automatically after reboot finishes. You'll be able to see the computer's login screen after reboot, and go from there. (You can choose between normal reboot or reboot into safe mode.)

Available for attended support sessions in Splashtop SOS (new), SOS+10, and SOS Unlimited

And more...

  • Save time when connecting. We now pre-fill your Windows domain name into a dropdown menu so you don't have to type it.

  • Big improvements in iOS app. From right within the iOS app, you can rename computers, add computer notes, disconnect sessions, reboot, wake, delete computers, and more.

  • Want to always see the remote cursor for all of your remote sessions? There's now an option in Splashtop Business app's settings to enable that. You can still toggle it during a session using the toolbar.

  • Improved remote print reliability

  • Increased file transfer speed by up to 30%

  • Usability enhancements

Available in Splashtop Remote Support Basic, Remote Support Plus, Business Access, SOS (new), SOS+10, SOS Unlimited

See what else we have planned

We have more great features coming. Take a look at this article on what we're working on for more details.

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