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Simplify Remote Management with Splashtop REST APIs

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Splashtop's REST APIs offer a seamless pathway to enhance productivity and streamline integration, allowing users to automate tasks, customize workflows, and integrate with existing systems effortlessly.

Through collaboration with our customers, we've gained valuable insights into their needs and pain points, particularly in areas where automation would be beneficial. In this article, we'll explore some of the top ways our customers leverage these APIs today, empowering IT professionals to optimize their remote access infrastructure effectively.

Automating User Onboarding and Offboarding

One common use case involves synchronizing user data between Splashtop and identity management systems. With Splashtop's APIs, organizations can automate user onboarding in parallel with their other tools, ensuring seamless account provisioning.

Similarly, when users are deactivated in the identity management system, Splashtop's APIs enable automated user termination, unassigning users from their computers, and disabling their accounts. This automation saves time and ensures accuracy and security in managing user access across the organization's different platforms.

DesignAir uses Splashtop Enterprise and APIs to provision user access to their cloud-based CAD/BIM solution, delivering access to various creative apps.

Tracking User Login Activity

Splashtop's APIs provide access to user status and login information, enabling IT admins to track login activity and assess user engagement with the remote access activity within Splashtop.

By retrieving the list of users along with their login or usage history, organizations gain insights into user activity patterns, which can help them optimize license allocation and resource utilization. This granular level of insight allows IT teams to identify trends, address potential issues, and make informed decisions to improve the overall efficiency of their remote access infrastructure.

Automating Computer Deletion

Deleting computers from Splashtop is a manual process and can get repetitive, especially when managing a large fleet of devices. Splashtop's APIs address this challenge by automating the deletion of decommissioned or retired devices, reducing manual effort and ensuring up-to-date computer inventory.

With the ability to schedule automated deletion tasks based on predefined criteria such as last online timestamp or device status, IT administrators can maintain a clean and organized computer inventory, minimizing clutter and streamlining management processes.

Additionally, cloning or imaging computers pre-installed with Splashtop Streamer can lead to duplicate entries and conflicts in the computer list. To address this, administrators utilize Splashtop's APIs to identify and remove duplicate computers from their Splashtop team, reducing redundant streamer instances.

Renaming Computer Streamer Names

When deploying computers to Splashtop, organizations may require more customized naming conventions instead of using the device’s hostname or predefined naming rules. For instance, one customer created a script to automate renaming through APIs by reading a CSV file of computers and desired names. This method significantly improved efficiency for their large-scale deployments and ensured consistency in naming conventions across their device inventory.

Automated Log Export for Use with Third-Party Analytics Tools

Organizations utilize Splashtop's APIs to automate the log export process, seamlessly integrating with analytics tools such as PowerBi. This empowers organizations to conduct a comprehensive analysis of remote session logs, file transfer logs, chat logs, alerts, and more, optimizing their remote access infrastructure effectively.

By automating the export of log data and integrating it with third-party analytics platforms, organizations can gain valuable insights into user behavior, performance metrics, and security incidents, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Syncing Computer Inventory with Asset Management Systems

Utilizing Splashtop's APIs, organizations seamlessly integrate computer inventory data into their asset management systems, ensuring consistency and accuracy in device information across the organization.

This integration not only streamlines asset management processes but also aids in identifying and removing unwanted software through inventory analysis. Furthermore, it allows users to view computer inventory data through their preferred tools, enabling a more unified, single-pane-of-glass view of the organization's IT infrastructure.

Launching Remote Sessions from Third-Party Applications

While pre-built integrations with popular tools like ServiceNow, Freshservice, and Zendesk are available, organizations can build custom integrations for proprietary tools, enabling technicians to launch remote sessions directly from within their console.

By leveraging Splashtop's APIs to integrate remote session capabilities into third-party applications, organizations can streamline support workflows, improve user experience, and increase productivity. This flexibility allows organizations to tailor remote access solutions to their specific needs and seamlessly integrate them into existing IT environments.

Getting Started with Splashtop's APIs

Ready to streamline your remote access management workflows with Splashtop's REST APIs? Here's how to get started:

Explore our API Reference guide to discover supported APIs and actions.

New to Splashtop? Contact us to learn more about and start a free trial of Splashtop Enterprise to set up remote access and experiment with our APIs.

APIs are included in all Splashtop Enterprise subscriptions. Are you an existing customer who is subscribed to another product? Fill out this form to test out the APIs or ask any questions.

Contact us to learn more about Splashtop Enterprise and get started!

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