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Responding to the Coronavirus Outbreak - Mark Lee, Co-Founder and CEO, Splashtop

By Splashtop Team


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By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

— Benjamin Franklin

The COVID-19 coronavirus is a vivid reminder of why we started Splashtop in the first place: to help individuals, businesses, schools, hospitals and other organizations become more flexible by incorporating effective work-at-home solutions into their operations.

As leading providers of remote access, collaboration and remote support solutions, we’re better prepared than most to keep our business running with employees working from home. We feel it’s our responsibility in this time of global health crisis to extend that same level of preparedness to other organizations and individuals.

We take this commitment seriously.

We’re all figuring out how best to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. At Splashtop, our first action was to close our office in China; our approximately 20 employees there are currently working productively from home. We’re seeing similar responses by other organizations worldwide, implemented as everything from suggested options to mandated policies.

In response to COVID-19 coronavirus, we are heavily discounting our remote access products so people can work from home and stay safe.

Splashtop also will be serving as a more general resource during this challenging time. Please explore our Coronavirus Remote Work Resource Center for more information.

COVID-19 is what we’re all dealing with now, but it’s far from the only potential disruptor of people’s lives and mobility. Past years have seen similar SARS and MERS outbreaks, and natural disasters or geopolitical conflicts can make it temporarily difficult or impossible for people to go to work, attend school or visit medical facilities.

Easily accessible, affordable remote access can be an important tool in the modern world—whether used as a response to adversity or in a more positive sense, to diminish the time and stress of long commutes, support employees’ work/life balance, and attract and retain younger workers, who embrace telework as an important lifestyle attribute.

I know these are challenging circumstances for all of us. I encourage you to explore how remote access solutions can increase your company and your own individual flexibility—both now and long after the current coronavirus crisis is behind us. I believe there’s tremendous strength in being prepared during this challenging time.

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