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Performing video editing on a computer using Splashtop remote desktop software
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Remote Desktop for Video Editing: Interview with Torres Studios

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Due to the high resource utilization of applications used in the Media and Entertainment industry, remote work for its professionals has been uncommon, until today. Now the tide is changing. Many video producers, news/radio station broadcasters, and other technicians are using Splashtop to remote into their workstations from home or while traveling. To understand better how they use Splashtop, we spoke with Marlon Torres, Owner of Torres Studios. Marlon uses Splashtop remote desktop to provide quick and effective service to his clients while he’s on-the-go.

Q: How do you use Splashtop’s remote desktop?

Marlon: I have Splashtop installed on my home computer and use it to access my files and editing software from anywhere in the world. I travel a lot! So when clients need me to send them a video or a photograph, I can access my editing program, render the video and send it to them, all from my phone or laptop.

Q: How is it different now with Splashtop’s remote access capabilities ?

Marlon: I use resource-intensive editing programs that cannot be cloud-based. I actually have a 32 TB server to run these complex programs and store my files. Raw files are huge and so I need that processing power.

  • No wait time: Rendering a video can take anywhere from 10 mins to 3 hours! So rather than wait around for the program to finish, I can go about my day and periodically check on the status through Splashtop. Once the rendering is complete, I upload it and send it to my clients.

  • Remote from any device: I can connect to my home computer with any device I have - If I’m in a hotel with my laptop or at a photo/video shoot with my phone. I can process any file and send photos and videos to my clients.

  • Leverage high internet speeds: I have 1Gbps upload/download speed at home. Some of the hotels have very poor internet connections. I can still launch Splashtop and then leverage my high-speed internet at home to process my files. It’s much quicker this way!

  • Help family: Sometimes if my fiancé needs one of the files and can’t find it, I quickly remote in and help her out. I know where the file is so I just transfer it to a location known to her. It’s very convenient.

I’m particular about delivering my projects on time and with Splashtop, I can do that from anywhere. I’ve been able to take on more projects since I can travel more now without it affecting my work.

Q: How did you find us?

Marlon: I just searched for remote access tools and found Splashtop. I signed up for the free trial and within a few days, I knew it would work great for me.

Q: How has Splashtop been to install and use?

Marlon: I had no trouble figuring it out, it was pretty straightforward. Splashtop features are intuitive and easy to use. What I like best is the option to either use the mouse or touch-screen! I use both for different tasks.

Q: Which plan are you on?

Marlon: I use the Business Access Solo plan for $5 per month. It’s perfect for my needs.

Thank you for choosing Splashtop for your remote desktop needs, Marlon!

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