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Laptop screen showing Monthly Billing Now Available for Splashtop Remote Support

Monthly Billing Now Available for Splashtop Remote Support

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Splashtop Remote Support – the ideal solution for MSPs who want to be able to remotely control, monitor, and manage computers from anywhere, now offers a monthly subscription option in additional to annual billing.

Splashtop Remote Support is billed by the number of unattended computers (endpoints) you want to remotely access, support, and manage. The monthly billing plan starts at $47.90/month for 25 computers. The annual plan starts at $40/month for 25 computers, saving you 15% if you choose the annual option.

Both Splashtop Remote Support billing options give MSPs the best value for a fast, reliable, and secure remote support solution with remote access, monitoring and management capabilities. Splashtop Remote Support includes unlimited technicians, concurrent sessions, and devices to remote from. Learn more about Splashtop Remote Support and get started with a free trial now!

Why are we offering monthly billing for Splashtop Remote Support?

The MSP business model is built on recurring revenue from clients. Many MSPs bill their clients on a monthly basis for their services.

This means that an MSP's revenue or situation can change on a month-to-month basis. A client could suddenly leave resulting in lost revenue, making it hard for an MSP to continue paying for all the tools they need. Or an MSP could suddenly have to manage more endpoints, meaning they’ll want to be sure their remote support software can easily scale.

The monthly option of Splashtop Remote Support provides MSPs with the flexibility they need to quickly, and easily, address these challenges.

Why is Splashtop Remote Support the best solution for MSPs?

Splashtop Remote Support is built specifically for the MSP use case with feedback and input from our MSP Advisory Council. Splashtop is the best solution for MSPs because:

  • Splashtop offers remote connections that are fast and reliable

  • Technicians can remotely access endpoints from any device, giving them the flexibility to work from home or on the road, even from personal devices

  • Technicians can work efficiently with in-session features including drag-and-drop file transfer, chat, remote reboot, and more

  • MSPs will also be able to work efficiently with useful features, including configurable alerts, update management, remote command, 1-to-many actions, system inventory, event logs, and a lot more

  • Security is Splashtop’s priority

  • MSPs can enable clients to remotely access their own computers to work remotely, opening up additional revenue streams for MSPs

Learn more about Splashtop Remote Support, or try it for free now!

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