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Introducing Splashtop Connector: RDP via Next-Gen Remote Access

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Learn how the new Splashtop Connector can meet your security and productivity needs with RDP via next-gen remote access.

Imagine if your remote access and support solution let your users do the following—without a VPN:

  • Support computers on internal networks that don’t have internet access or don’t allow a 3rd party app to be installed

  • Leverage existing terminal services to enjoy individual desktop sessions on the same computer or remotely run a specific application without connecting to a full remote desktop

  • Access computers remotely without being on the same network

  • Gain agentless access to systems via remote access software installed on just one machine within the network

Those are just some of the powerful capabilities baked into the new Splashtop Connector. The Connector allows users to connect to computers via RDP, directly from the Splashtop Business App for remote access and support.

Why would your company want to access RDP via next-gen remote access?

Two significant reasons come to mind – to meet your security and productivity needs.

Consider a scenario in which your technician needs to support many computers that all reside on a closed network. Those computers probably lack internet access or operate under strict firewall policies. On top of that, you may have a security policy that blocks the use of a third-party remote access app on those computers. Your technician may traditionally use a VPN to support all the computers operating under those security restrictions. They may even have to create an inconvenient connection flow (using multiple apps) to remote in.

Now imagine instead that IT can simply install the Splashtop Connector on a single machine within the closed network. That single machine acts like a bridge or jump point, enabling your technician to connect to all the other computers on the same network via RDP—without installing anything on the other computers. Suddenly, your workflow is simplified and uses only one app to connect.

In a broader scenario, the Splashtop Connector enables a technician to remotely support a large corporation with multiple branch locations around the world. By installing the Connector on just one machine in each branch location, the technician can support all of them simultaneously.

Here’s an example of the power of the Splashtop Connector in action, as experienced by a dental billing company:

The company leverages a network of 1,800 contractors and supports them with an internal IT admin team. That team is also responsible for supporting ERP and other software running on Windows computers in their dental offices. Each office has only 1 or 2 servers, so multiple contractors often connect to the same server to use the ERP application.

Prior to using Splashtop Connector, the company was forced to use a complicated, custom workflow to accommodate multiple remote desktop service (RDS) sessions on the same server. By implementing Splashtop Connector they simplified their workflow and allowed multiple contractors to access the same server. On top of that, IT now has the option to limit contractor access to the ERP app only, depending on the client’s security needs.

In fact, Splashtop takes a comprehensive approach to security, as reflected in the full suite of Splashtop security features. Connections through Splashtop Connector use end-to-end encryption and TLS/AES-256 across the Internet.

Not only has the company significantly reduced costs, but they’ve also gained ongoing efficiency by consolidating their toolset. They no longer have to synchronize upgrades and patches across multiple software products (a traditional drain on IT resources). Now they use Splashtop Enterprise as a centralized console to enable their internal IT technicians to manage the computers and support contractors.

Gain secure efficiency – by design

VPN was never designed to handle today’s remote work needs or to keep organizations secure in the face of modern cybersecurity threats. Security risks have increased and it’s more important than ever to protect your organization and yourself.

Splashtop’s next-gen remote access and support software is built to handle high traffic. It provides complete or partial access to remote computer files and applications, regardless of the network environment. Fine-grained permissions control and its use of standard web communication ports make Splashtop more secure and suitable than VPN and traditional RDP for a remote or flexible work environment. In other words, Splashtop Connector was designed with your company’s security and efficiency in mind.

Try Splashtop Connector through Splashtop Enterprise today.

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