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Remote software while working on tax-related tasks during tax season
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How Remote Access Can Help Accountants Survive Tax Season 2022

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Tax season 2022 is expected to be a frustrating one for accountants. Learn how Splashtop can enable remote work and make accounting easier.

Experts are predicting another frustrating tax season this year. According to CBS News, when the IRS tried to hire 5,000 more people for the 2022 tax season, fewer than 200 applied. On top of hiring shortages, the IRS is dealing with a snowballing backlog of delayed refunds due to the pandemic.

In an interview with NPR, Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo said, "It is going to be, unfortunately, a frustrating tax season. What that means for taxpayers is that they need to make sure that they file online, that they take steps to make sure that their returns are prepared, because unfortunately due to the pandemic and chronic underfunding of the IRS, the IRS has fewer people to answer their phone calls and to deal with taxpayer issues."

It’s not just the IRS, accounting firms are struggling with retention too. Pre-pandemic accountant turnover was as high as 20 percent. That trend has continued throughout the pandemic. Why? Like other industries experiencing “The Great Resignation,” employees cited career development, work life balance and compensation as their top reasons for leaving.

How Can You Retain Talent?

During tax season, accountants work 50 to 70+ hours per week on average. The period from January to April 15th is grueling for them. Add travel time to that, and you have a recipe for burnout. The industry can’t afford to lose more talent, which is why many firms have adapted to a virtual environment. With the right software, accounting professionals can save time and reduce the number of hours they need to work.

Benefits of Secure Remote Access for Accounting Professionals

Sharing files is an integral part of tax season. Driving to someone’s home or office to access their files is time-consuming and unrealistic when you have clients all over the country. While emailing files back and forth may seem like an easy fix, it’s a major security risk for you and your clients.

We’ve seen industries that we never thought would be capable of having a flexible workforce transition in the past two years. Why not accountants?

Remote access can enable accountants to securely share and print files while working remotely. Splashtop Business Access provides easy, reliable and secure access to your clients’ computers. Splashtop Business Access offers:

Remote print and file sharing: Remotely print files from your client’s computer to your printer, or securely transfer important documents from their computer to yours. We’ve even got a step-by-step guide to help you walk through remote printing important tax documents.

Access from any device anywhere: In addition to remotely sharing and printing files, Splashtop Business Access enables accountants to seamlessly access their office computers from any device and from anywhere. This means you can work in a stress-free environment that is your home, reduce hours wasted travelling to clients, get work done outside of regular hours, and still be productive while on the go.

Security: Splashtop remote access offers you security. Between encrypted connections, device authentication, two-step verification, multiple 2nd-level password options, and other security features, all shared data is secure. This gives you and your clients peace of mind.

A Timesaving, Convenient Solution

Cut down on travel time by remotely accessing client files, QuickBooks, and accounting software from anywhere. Don’t have your laptop with you? Not a problem. You can use your phone or tablet; all you need to do is download the Splashtop app. This tax season may be frustrating, but the tools you use don’t have to be.

Join our 30+ Million users and save time this tax season.

Try Splashtop Business Access today! Plans start at just $5 a month.

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